Ingram's Magazine: January 2013

Icons of Education

And one thing we at Ingram’s have learned well since the debut of Icons of Education in 2009 is that this region is richly blessed with people who make selfless contributions to education, from pre-kindergarten through graduate school. Yes, they…more

Rain? Shine? Expect a Little of Both

As a nation, we’re long past our first offense with respect to the rule of holes: For each of the past four years, Washington has addressed our national debt with an even bigger shovel than the one used to rack…more

Taming the Tuition Tiger

Children born in 1996, when Congress authorized creation of federal 529 college-savings plans, will likely start their final year of high school this fall. Those whose parents took advantage of the tax-deferred plans will have a cushion when the tuition…more

Please Stop Cold Calling and Get a Sales Life

“That’s all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more!” When Popeye the Sailor says that, a can of spinach appears out of nowhere. He pops it open and downs it to gain amazing strength, beats up Bluto and…more

50 Kansans You Should Know 2013

To which we reply: Do the math. Let’s just assume that just one-10th of 1 percent of a given population will consistently yield accomplished leaders in business, education, public office or artistic and cultural venues. In a state of 2.8…more