Ingram's Magazine: September 2020

The 2020 Ingram’s 250

Time for some Ingram’s 250 math: What’s i250 x 5? If you came up with 1,250, hats off to your grade-school math teachers—their lessons clearly took hold. But with this being the fifth year of our recognition of the 250…more

Ingram’s September 2020 Digital Edition

Read all about this year's most influential business executives with the Ingram's 250 September Special Edition.  more

Bringing It Back: Executives Weigh in on Recovery

 Executives in leadership roles, almost by definition, have considerable experience in their fields. They’ve been around; they’ve seen a lot. None of them, though, has ever seen a year like this one, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. State-mandated restrictions on…more

Q&A With … James Lipari

Q: Before they even consider a potential sale, do business owners need to think about how to be properly positioned for the process? A: From a deal-structure standpoint, it’s a question of what do they need, based on their personal…more

Transitions 2020: Structuring the Deal

Retirement may beckon, or you may simply be looking for a second act in a business. Whatever your motivation, you’ve made the call: It’s time to prepare your business for a sale. If your primary consideration going into that process…more