Ingram's Magazine: January 2020

Ingram’s January 2020 Digital Edition

The January issue of Ingram's features articles on the biggest business deals and economic-impact projects, companies hitting a five-or-10-year anniversary in 2020, how to plan for ownership transitions and much more. Click here to read the digital edition.more

Milestones 2020

So you’re running a business or organization that has operated for many years? Congratulations: You’re not just a high-stakes gambler, your organization is a high roller. You and your team have looked the odds squarely in the eye and, without…more

Managing Amid High Volume and Rapid Change

In an era of low margins but ample work, contractors in the Kansas City region are hustling more today than any time since the onset of the Great Recession nearly 15 years ago. But they do so amid sweeping change…more

Back From the Brink

A year ago, and even through mid-2019, fears of an impending recession loomed large. Now? The longest expansion in U.S. history could have several years yet to run, economists say. Let’s walk 12 months down Memory Lane in Investorville, shall…more

The Start of Something BIG?

Is a new KCI terminal a true game-changer, or just table stakes to compete with other cities? Construction executives weigh in. It’s not often you find two dozen executives from the construction world and related disciplines gathered in one venue.…more

Blowouts! The biggest deals of 2019

[caption id="attachment_24162" align="alignleft" width="480"] Looking Good in Blue: John Sherman will be swapping out of his Cleveland Indians ownership stake as controlling owner of the Royals.[/caption] The energy sector provided financial muscle for the most noteworthy business deals of the…more

This Is Just . . . Super

Fifty years after their only Super Bowl win, the Chiefs are back. An ecstatic fan base can only wonder if this is the dawn of a dynasty. Officially, it goes in the record books as a 27-yard touchdown run. The…more