Ingram's Magazine: April 2016

Health + Wellness Report 2016

Company-Paid Health Insurance: New Opportunities Amid Challenges Over the course of three meetings starting in December, Mosaic Life Care and Ingram’s teamed up with health-insurance interests from Holmes Murphy & Associates, CBIZ and Lockton Companies to invite insurers, providers, and…more

Alumnus of the Year

Gordon Lansford The chief executive from JE Dunn Construction reflects on his rise through the ranks, lessons learned and the role of executive leadership. Gordon Lansford had potential written all over him when he started at JE Dunn Construction 20…more

The Health Innovation Tsunami

Waves of research and technical innovation pose challenges to health-care organizations trying to line up the right tools before the next ones roll in. Since 2001, the number of medical device patents has soared from fewer than 6,000 in the…more

Ingram’s Leadership Academy

We’re proud to introduce Ingram’s Leadership Academy, with an eye to the region’s most pressing business needs. We have been exploring a number of ways to enhance our programming at Ingram’s and to improve upon initiatives that help better educate…more

40 Under Forty: Class of 2016

Leadership? Check. We can’t get into this without some ground rules, so right off the bat: If the Baby Boom covered the period from 1946 to 1964, what defines Generation X and the Millennials? Only a gaggle of eggheads like…more

Grayer Pastures

A new generation of Americans is redefining the concept of senior living The silver tsunami washing over the nation will swell the ranks of “seniors” in America to an estimated 71 million by the time the last Baby Boomers retire…more

Wealth Management Industry Outlook

Wealth of Challenges in Wealth Management On a crisp Friday morning in early April, a dozen savvy wealth managers met in Leawood at the Towne Center Plaza offices of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network to chew over the state of their…more

Working Their Way Back

Union membership in the two-state region turned up—a bit—in 2015 As labor trends go, this one is well-documented: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the nation’s union membership rate since 1983 has fallen by nearly half. The rate—the percent…more

What If Trump Really Did Win?

The nation’s fascination with celebrity yields plenty of cabinet possibilities. OK, so there may be no stopping the funhouse-mirror clown show that is the Donald Trump for President movement. The pundits say he has the proverbial snowball’s chance in the…more

You’d Better Check Your Geezer Privilege

Of all the things that contribute to a belief that life isn’t fair, the very notion of a senior discount ranks right up there. In a nation consumed with the notion of income inequality—at least through this election cycle—I find…more

Leaving Those Greener Pastures Really Greener?

Maybe, just maybe, the issue is you. Why do sales people quit their job? More money? Better job opportunity? Don’t like what they are doing? Don’t like their boss? Don’t like their corporate politics? Don’t like how you’re being treated…more

Do Employers Have a Duty to Help Employees Save?

Maybe not, but they surely have an incentive. Recently, a financial expert surmised that one in three Americans currently does not have any type of retirement plan. With this potential crisis at hand, leaders must not only have strong financial…more

The Benefits of a Professional Development Plan

Make it formal, or get left behind. The workplace of today is in a state of dynamic change that requires employees who are flexible and can adapt to the future. Recent statistics on career change show that we are now…more