Ingram’s Leadership Academy

By Joe Sweeney

We’re proud to introduce Ingram’s Leadership Academy, with an eye to the region’s most pressing business needs.

We have been exploring a number of ways to enhance our programming at Ingram’s and to improve upon initiatives that help better educate the regional business community. In 2016 we’re excited to announce Ingram’s Leadership Academy. This unique initiative enables us to serve as the steward of a program designed to better prepare high-potential candidates and help train them to become extraordinary leaders and executives. “Ingram’s Leadership Academy will provide experiential programming bringing the best of personal development, professional growth, leadership exposure and civic outreach through discovery sessions, guest thought leaders and CEOs. Our mission is to create the best program we can to help develop a well-rounded leader.”

We’re aligning with a few strategic partners and are in the process of engaging talented trainers and guest thought leaders to assist. Consider the consolidation of several extraordinary leaders throughout the region in addition to internationally renowned authorities under the supervision of strong facilitators along with about three dozen aspiring young leaders. This is the chemistry of assets that will soon align as we roll out Ingram’s Leadership Academy.

We view the Academy as a complement to university, chamber and other leadership programs, however, one where participants will enjoy learning from icons of regional business.

Our focus will be to primarily train young Gen Xers and the older Millennials—ages 30 to 40, in particular. Both of these generations are radically different than the Baby Boomers who are rapidly exiting the corner office. Seats are prized and few in the Academy, and we will not dedicate an ongoing chair to a corporation. The selection committee will be made up of strategic partners and will review and select participants. We’re confident that the $4,995 enrollment fee will be a very small price to pay for the leadership wisdom they’ll absorb and the life-long friendships that participants will foster.

Ingram’s May edition will include details and dates of the first installement of Ingram’s Leadership Academy and we’ll be accepting nominations and applications into the summer for the 2016 session. On the opposite column we’ve prepared general information and Academy FAQs about the Fall 2016 eight week session.  

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 2.58.42 PMYour Assistance is Greatly Appreciated
We’re soliciting nominations from C-level executives and HR managers, in particilar, though anyone may nominate candidates to participate in 2016 Ingram’s Leadership Academy.  

Who is Ingram’s Leadership Academy for?
We bring together a cross section of industry professionals who are eager to develop their leadership style, leverage their strengths, and build their teams while establishing a strong peer network of like-minded professionals.

What makes our program different?
Ingram’s Leadership Academy is an experiential program that brings the best of personal development, professional growth, leadership exposure and civic outreach through discovery sessions and guest CEO speakers. This is an intensive 6-session program. Over the course of our time together, participants will enjoy the most interesting venues, key leaders, cross-sector perspectives, and thought partners.

Who will participants meet?
You’ll get to know leaders across a wide range of industries, including professional services, banking, communications, real estate, media, economic development and academia, to name a few. Titles include Managers, Senior Associates, Vice Presidents, Director, Supervisor, Principal Client Adviser, or other senior candidates, typically from mid-zize to enterprise companies.

How does the nomination process work?
We encourage nominations from the CEO of your organization or senior management. Once the nomination is received we will review and notify the candidate and their company of acceptance and/or if we have questions regarding the nomination. Participation is limited.

How much does it cost?
$4,995 fee covers all meals, assessments, supplies, outings and one-on-one coaching  over the course of six sessions, including two Saturday retreats and four Friday afternoon sessions.

Where will sessions be held?
The Saturday sessions will be in a corporate setting. Friday lunches and discovery sessions will take place in and around the KC area.

Are meals included?
All meals, snacks and drinks are included during all meetings as is a welcome dinner on the first Saturday of the retreat.

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