Ingram's Magazine: January 2019

Regional Movement: Inside the Numbers

At the inception of Ingram’s Magazine in 1974, Downtown Kansas City was the epicenter of business in the bi-state area. Over the decades, the narrative has shifted. The entire metropolitan area has grown in just about every sense, but the…more

2019 Economic Forecast: Are We Hitting the Brakes?

The good news, for anyone spooked by the 4,000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average between Dec. 1 and Christmas Eve, is that the market is a leading indicator—it is not a leading guarantor. For all the chin-stroking predictions…more

Kansas City Legends

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -- John Quincy Adams, President of the United States, 1817-1825   Leadership alone maketh not a legend—but it’s an awfully good starting…more

2019 General Assembly Industry Outlook

For nearly a generation, Ingram’s has conducted assemblies that bring together both collaborative interests and competing organizations within and across diverse business sectors. The goal has always been to identify opportunities to move the region forward. Jan. 15 produced another…more

2019 Milestones: Decades of Determination

No argument there. Vision, planning and execution indeed are the building blocks. They are the foundational elements of decades-long business achievement. They can carry a company into a second, even third century. On rare occasions, more than that. But more…more

The Rebuilding of a City: 45 Years of Big Deals

Within a year of Ingram’s founding, one of Greater Kansas City’s most important developments sprung up from the cornfields of Johnson County. Along a gravel lane then called 110th Street, College Boulevard and Corporate Woods took shape in 1975. The…more

Lost Landmarks, Enduring Icons 2019

Even as new projects come on-line and city leaders discuss more potential changes to the Downtown skyline, there is an architectural personality already built into Downtown Kansas City and the region. We too often take those design treasures for granted,…more

Here’s to the Next 45 Years . . .

It’s very rare in our society that everyone comes out a winner. As Ingram’s celebrates their 45th year, all of their wins (and yours) are in alignment. As a regularly featured columnist since 2008, I’ve: Had the honor of branding myself…more

Here’s to a Great Year

Photo Courtesy Kansas City Chiefs/Steve Sanders   Perhaps this is no big thing if you live in New England, where fans of the local professional football team will relish a third straight appearance in the Super Bowl next month, and…more

January 2019: Digital Edition

Ingram's jumps into the new year--its 45th--in a big way, with our once-every-five-years class of Kansas City Legends, our 2019 Milestone companies, the 2019 General Assembly Industry Outlook report, and a treasure trove of historical content covering development of this…more