Ingram's Magazine: February 2017

Icons of Education 2017

Centuries of Experience A lot can happen in 400 years. We’ve gone from Jamestown to a nation of 323 million people, we’ve seen 32 men cycle through Rome as pope, we’ve moved from man’s first balloon flight to unmanned inter-…more

Heroes in Healthcare 2017

Where the Extraordinary Is an Everyday Occurrence It helps to attach evidence of life-saving deeds to the use of the word “hero,” and without dispute, those engaged in the practice of health-care delivery are, in fact, saving lives every day.…more

Filling the Skills Gap

The December unemployment rate in Johnson County, one of the twin economic engines that power regional commerce, was 3.1 percent. The other half, which tends to not to fire quite as efficiently, is Jackson County on the Missouri side, at…more

It Might Be Time to Review Your Benefit Plan

You’ve launched your business and are now ready to start building your staff, or perhaps your business has taken off and it’s time to start hiring in chunks. In either case, before you start interviewing, you may want to think…more

The Emerging Talent Crunch Makes This a Good Time to Review Your Methods

The talent squeeze is officially on: December’s unemployment rate in the Kansas City area fell below 4 percent for the first time in more than a decade, and the two-state area recorded jobless rates of 4.2 percent (Kansas) and 4.4…more

Research Central

It’s a phrase fraught with possibilities for exaggeration, but Wayne Carter believes that it reflects what’s happening across the landscape of life-sciences growth in the Kansas City region: exponential growth. Carter is the CEO of the Kansas City Area Life Sciences…more

Is Change Coming for Life-Science Patents?

A growing life-sciences community relies on patents to protect its valuable intellectual property. The Kansas City life sciences community, with its emphasis on pharmaceuticals, animal health, and biotechnology research and testing, faces many challenges to moving inventions through the U.S.…more

What Would Ben Have Said About the Ben Franklin Close?

The Benjamin Franklin Close (also known as “The Balance Sheet Close”) is one of the classic old-time sales tactics used to “close a sale.” Never heard of it? Shame on you—not enough sales training. The scenario is this: You’ve made…more