Ingram's Magazine: December 2014

A Productive Workforce

When it comes to a regional work force, how does one measure competitiveness? One way is to assess where your strengths are as a community. When compared to more than a dozen peer metro areas across the U.S. (largely in…more

A City on the Move

Things are happening in Downtown Kansas City, and on multiple fronts. Since the renaissance of the area began to hit its stride a decade ago, an estimated $6 billion in public and private funding has transformed the commercial core of…more

As Baseball Season Ends, Giving Season Begins

While it seems like just yesterday we were cheering on the Royals as they embarked on an epic battle for the World Series crown, December has arrived. This month marks the peak of giving season, when many of us take…more

Area Non-Profits Working in a Whole New Environment

It is a time of profound change and challenge in the non-profit world: Salvation Army kettles increasingly are unmanned, charity runs and walks are seeing a broad decline in participants who show up in fund-raising capacities, demand on food pantries…more

Gifts That Keep On Giving

He just might be the perfect face of philanthropy in Kansas City—after all, Robert A. Long was born in December 1850, just six months after Kansas City came to be. His lumber concerns helped build a fledgling city, and by…more

Leading the Way in Corporate Philanthropy

For the better part of a decade, Ingram’s has profiled companies from throughout the Kansas City region that are going above and beyond in efforts to return a portion of the bounty they’ve earned doing business here. It’s not a…more

Local Heroes

What makes us give? In a world where Darwinian theory tells us that only the strong survive, what compels humans to be their brother’s keeper, even if the amounts they have to give may pale in comparison to large donations…more

Affluence is a Key Variable in Long-Term Care Considerations

Consider the following syllogism: 1.) Affluent people live longer than average. 2.) People who live longer are more likely to need long-term care (LTC). 3.) Therefore, affluent people are more likely to need LTC. Furthermore, LTC costs more for affluent…more

The Best Years of Our Lives?

It’s almost unfair, really: You spend decades working your way into a leadership position at a large corporation, or equal amounts of time building a business from start-up to a thriving, sustainable enterprise. Then, just as you near the border…more

What Investment Are You Really Making in Your Business?

ROI is a powerful metric, but there’s another useful tool that can prove just as meaningful. “Return on Investment” in business is predicated on the ability of the company to deliver as promised in product, profit, and its accompanying service.…more

The Parent of All Other Virtues

When you send your eager little freshmen off to college next fall, there is a good chance the campus thought police will stop them before they even find their dorm rooms and demand of them, “Check your privilege!” “Check my…more

Around the region

DECEMBER THROUGH DEC. 24“The Nutcracker”If you grew up mesmerized by the late Todd Bolender’s interpretation of “The Nutcracker,” this will be your last Christmas season to catch a Kansas City holiday tradition. The show’s 33-year run comes to a close…more

In the News: Dec 2014

MISSOURI DeKalb County Wind Farm on MarketThe Lost Creek Wind Farm, a 100-turbine operation that spans 23,000 acres in northwest Missouri, is being listed for sale by its owner, St. Louis-based Wind Capital Group. The wind farm started generating electricity…more