For the Weekend Warriors

From indictments, to hemp to a generous thank you from one of our loyal readers, there’s a lot to take in from this week.  We break down what to take with you, what to prepare for next week and where you might take a breather in KC this weekend!


41 Action News:  Republicans join the chorus asking Greitens to step down

KMOV:  Greitens lawyer files for dismissal 


Reuters:  US imposes more sanctions on North Korea


Bloomberg:  Trump eyes two big industries for strict tariffs

CBS News:  Gates pleads guilty while Mueller files new charge


Monday February 26th is the ex-dividend date for many companies

NASDAQ:  Great Plains Energy ex-dividend info


Thursday, March 1st, AMC will announce 4th quarter and year-end 2017 results

Fortune:  Read about the company that’s taking aim at AMC


Saturday, Feb 24th:







Friday-Sunday:  Any and every Kansas City brewery event


If you’re immediately thinking marijuana, Joe Bisogno wants you to think again.  And the CEO of Mr. Goodcents thinks Kansas is sitting on a gold mine.  By the way, earlier this week the Missouri House advanced a bill that would legalize industrial hemp.  

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We recently toured the new (and truly incredible) HQ of the Dairy Farmers of America and to say we were impressed would be a grave understatement.  If the wall that looks, and feels, like cow hair doesn’t pique your interest perhaps the self-serve milk station in the cafeteria would be more up your alley.  They serve chocolate, whole and 2% by the way.  What caught our eye as publishers was this amazing lifestyle magazine filled with recipes from the DFA farmers themselves!   Check them out if you haven’t already.  


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Too often people are quick to complain or post the negatives.  Here at Ingram’s we believe in supporting the Kansas City area business community by working together and creating a family.  Right now we are sifting through our 40 Under Forty applications and updating our alumni database and this email caught our eye.  

Dear Ingram`s:

I can`t really say that this is a BIO Update. It`s more of a Thank You! I read in the letter you recently sent me that April 2018 is the 20th Anniversary of 40/40.  Wow! Seems like yesterday. I had the privilege of being selected in your Class of 2001, age 38. I had begun my entrepreneurial journey 5 years previously.

Throughout my 17 years since the 40/40 event I have continued to be grateful for the honor, the friends that I made at that time and the friends that I have made because of the event. Over that entire time the Sweeney family and Ingram`s staff have never ceased to remain in contact with me and other 40/40 alumni. I continue to be invited to events and have had some fun times since my initial receipt of recognition. I am truly grateful.

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