The Case for Hemp


When you hear the word hemp, what’s the immediate thought that comes into your head?  For many, they think of pot.  Joe Bisogno, founder of Mr. Goodcents, thinks industry.  Bisogno went to Topeka earlier this month to talk to the Kansas legislature about industrial hemp.  Bisogno sees all the hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in Kansas, and he knows the advantages of shipping from the middle of the country, and he wants Kansas to get over the stigma and get into hemp farming.  Just this week the Missouri House advanced legislature to allow industrial hemp to be legalized 

Bisogno is no stranger to diversifying his business portfolio, if you will.  He started with a popular sandwich chain, from there opened a franchising school to tell people how to get into the business, and a few years ago opened Timber Hills Lake Ranch, an outdoorsman’s paradise in Southeastern Kansas.  He won’t tell you how many businesses he owns now because, according to Joe, “that doesn’t matter,” but he will gladly bend your ear about his newest obsession:  getting hemp in the fields of Kansas.

Here’s what Joe had to say about hemp when we caught up with him at our Ingram’s 250 celebration earlier this month.