Ingram's Magazine: November 2017

Rainmakers of Insurance and Benefits

More than 67,000 people in Missouri and Kansas make their living as licensed insurance agents, state officials say, but more than twice that number who are doing business in this region don’t live in either state. Given that there were…more

Numbers Games

The Mesopotamians are credited with what may have been the first use of money as a means of exchange, close to 5,000 years ago. And once money was part of the societal equation, accountancy was sure to follow. A great…more

WeKC at 25

Nearly a quarter-century has passed since Ingram’s convened an assembly organized by and for women in executive roles, and programmed specifically around concerns of female executives in this particular market. That first gathering in 1993 was called Women Executives-Kansas City—WeKC,…more

When Congress Is Involved, Change Is in The Air

With the fairways of Mission Hills Country Club serving as a backdrop on a colorful fall afternoon, executives from some of the leading accounting firms in the Kansas City region gathered on Nov. 9 for Ingram’s 2017 Accounting Industry Outlook.…more

Tax-Reform Uncertainties Call for Careful Consideration

As 2017 draws to a close, an uncertain tax and legislative environment means that year-end tax planning is more important than usual. The possibility of major tax reform opens up powerful planning opportunities that can save on taxes if completed…more

Retirement Health Costs: Are You Prepared?

There is no question that the cost of health care in America is continuing to steadily rise. According to the Kaiser 2017 Employer Health Benefits Survey, the premiums for family coverage have increased by 55 percent in the past 10…more

Rolling Up Their Sleeves

As we approach the 10-year mark since the 2008 recession, it’s clear that the construction and building industries have rebounded in style—and they are flourishing. Last year, U.S. construction-related spending passed $650 billion for the first time since the recession. In…more

A Solid Tenant’s Market Has Developed in Kansas City

The Kansas City industrial property market has long been recognized as a key Midwestern logistics hub for its central location in the United States, significant highway and rail infrastructure, and affordable cost of labor. Throughout the last several decades, the…more