Ingram's Magazine: November 2022

Ingram’s November 2022 Digital Edition

You can read Ingram's November 2022 digital edition here.more

Marketing Challenges in a Challenging Time

Following the Nov. 7 presentation for advertising and marketing professionals at PlexPod, a number of attendees gathered along with presenters and Ingram’s editors for the Marketing Industry Outlook assembly to reflect on how trends apply for their companies or clients…more

WeKC–Women Executives Kansas City

Over the course of nearly 25 years—a time marked by rapid expansion in the number of women attaining leadership roles in corporate America—the question has been posed to Ingram’s: Isn’t the concept of a feature recognizing women in key business…more

Better Together

The Census Department bean counters say America is home to 5.5 million family-owned businesses. Near as anyone has been able to ascertain, about one-fourth of those are a unique subset of family concerns: Those owned and operated by married partners.…more

Lessons from Nevada: A Cautionary Tale

As the smiles spread and the smack of high fives greeted ground-breaking for the Panasonic Energy battery plant in DeSoto, Kansas, officials from the company and state and local governments joined economic development czars in a unified message about a…more

A New Energy in the Work Force

Economic development czars and public officials from DeSoto City Hall to the governor’s mansion in Topeka exchanged wide smiles and high-fives earlier this month with the ground-breaking for the Panasonic Energy battery manufacturing plant that will bring 4,000 jobs and $4…more

Red Wave Missed D.C., But It Hit Hard Here

The 2022 races for Congress commanded the vast majority of media coverage throughout the summer and fall, and the outcomes might have justified that interest in another highly competitive congressional cycle. With counting still taking place in California 10 days…more

A Message to Media Buyers: Think Ink, Too

The complex challenges facing today’s advertisers and ad buyers were front and center at a recent forum for Kansas City and bi-state regional ad buyers and advertisers, where nationally known media experts offered key insights into an ever-more-fractured world of…more

Q&A … With Stephen Penn

Q: Lots of talk about a recession coming or, as a technical matter, already here. Can you give us something of an overall view of current economic conditions and how your clients are responding to them? A: There is a…more

Are Any Stocks Doing Well? Yes, Actually.

The story of 2022 has been one of higher interest rates and lower stock prices. Indeed, most stock prices are down, but not every company has suffered. Some share prices have increased in 2022. By the end of the third…more

The Regional Work-Force Development Ecosystem

In the greater Kansas City Region, we are systematically putting in place foundational building blocks to sustain and expand our economic footprint in local, regional, and international markets.  These system-focused efforts include building the new Kansas City International Airport terminal…more

Recession Ahead: How to Protect Your Finances

Inflation is breaking records at more than 8 percent, and a global recession is likely on the horizon for 2023. While the news can be daunting, there are several steps you can take to stabilize your finances during a rocky…more