Ingram's Magazine: March 2021

March 2021 Digital Edition

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50 Kansans You Should Know 2021

After 10 years and 500 profiles of business executives, college presidents, non-profit leaders, athletes, authors, film makers, entrepreneurs and entertainers, one might think the most interesting people had already earned a place in Ingram’s annual 50 Kansans You Should Know…more

Cool Stuff Made in Kansas

From luxury corporate aircraft to bioplastics, custom-made furnishings to top-end boxing gear, from high-end motorcycles and smoking equipment to—yes—carnival rides, Ingram’s has scoured the Sunflower State in recent years to spotlight some unusual, even unique products made in the state…more

Top 25 Brands in Kansas

The past year has been kind to darn few of us, and companies are no exception. Tens of thousands of small businesses in the United States failed amid the global pandemic of 2020; even more continue to stave off bankruptcy…more

Regional Banks Stabilize the Economy

The Kansas City region has long had a reputation for a competitive banking market, and statistics support arguments that as a metro area, we are, in fact, overbanked. There are multiple reasons for that, but the historical record has, in…more

Q & A with Tom Terry

Q: Kansas City has long had a reputation for a competitive banking market (some would say it was overbanked). Overall, though, the number of banks in this market declined by 24 percent since 2014, with 27 of the previous 112…more

In a Nutshell: With Money Supply Exploding, Is Inflation Looming?

Ed Yardeni (a Wall Street economist) pointed out last week that the USA’s money supply has exploded and “M2 Is Off the Charts”!  M1 (money in circulation) is up $2,943 billion (+74%) and M2 (M1 plus savings deposits in banks)…more