Ingram's Magazine: June 2014

2014 Engineering-Architecture Industry Outlook

[caption id="attachment_23402" align="alignleft" width="2492"] (front row, left to right) Kirk Gastinger, Gastinger Walker; Harden + Bee Triplett; Jim Megerson, Design Mechanical; David Rezac, 360 Architecture; Greg Fendler, Lankford & Associates; Dave Oxborough, Drexel Technologies; Scott Rosemann, Rosemann & Associates; Michelle…more

The Kansas City Area’s Top 100 Privately-Held Companies for 2014

Whoever said “it’s lonely at the top” evidently never ran a large private company. Not only is it NOT lonely there, you’ll find plenty of competition for a seat when the music stops on annual revenue calculations for the largest…more

Building on a Solid Foundation

Earlier this spring, Kansas City’s TIF Commission signed off on a plan by Burns & McDonnell to spend $130 million for an expansion of its headquarters in south Kansas City. The goal, say company officials, will be accommodating 2,100 new…more

Deep Pockets Not Required to Invest in Real Estate

As demand for rental and multifamily real estate continues to climb in the Kansas City market, beginning investors should not feel resigned to standing on the sidelines for fear their pockets are not deep enough to enter the game.  …more

Growing Home

If you want to understand the history of real-estate development in the Kansas City region over the past 160 years—a history back-loaded with activity since the end of World War II—you can dig through the archives in libraries or historical…more

50 Missourians You Should Know

What Sets Missouri Apart Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about Missouri and the people who live here: •    In a looming era of unprecedented need, Missouri researchers are going to help feed the world.•    Scientists in the…more

Fighting Back in the City of the Big Blunders

City of the Big Blunders, they tell me you are witless, and I believe them, for I have seen your pained officials sell streetcars to contented drivers—or try to. And they tell me you are crooked and I answer: no,…more

Old Way or New Way? Only One Way Works: My Way

The only people who don’t know that are other sales trainers, recently released old-world sales tactics books that are still trying to convey old messages, and several million salespeople still trying to cold call, pitch the product, overcome objections, and…more

My Missouri

I’ve tried to meet many of the 50 Missourians we’ve featured, and in doing so, I’ve traveled to many cities, towns and interesting destinations throughout the Show-Me state. A couple years ago—perhaps in the 2011 or 2012 issue including the…more