Ingram's Magazine: July 2023

Ingram’s July 2023 Digital Edition

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Here, Frequency Can Be a Friend … or Foe

PUBLISHED JULY, 2023 The history of the Corporate Report 100 tells us a lot about the gap between the visionary and the person able to execute that vision. They are not always the same person. Nowhere does that show up…more

2023 Corporate Report 100 1-10

PUBLISHED JULY, 2023 1. CargoQuotes, 1st Year Growth: 5,289.28% Average Annual Growth Rate: 1,763.09%      Gross Revenue 2022: $19,166,505     Gross Revenue 2019: $355,641      Full-time employees: 20  For Kevin Brandes, the road to success is best navigated…more

2023 Corporate Report 100 11-100

PUBLISHED JULY, 2023 11. Seismic Digital, 2nd Year Growth: 435.08% Average Annual Growth Rate: 145.03% Gross Revenue 2022: $7,135,096.00 Gross Revenue 2019: $1,333,466.00 Full-time employees: 22 Seismic Digital is a consumer insight, digital strategy, and activation firm catering to a diverse…more

The Role of Culture in Rapid Growth

Company culture is vital in shaping an organization’s success and overall well-being. At its core, there’s nothing complicated about company culture—but there is something transformational and impactful. At Tallgrass Freight Co., we’ve seen how strong culture attracts strong talent, enhances…more

Q&A … With J.B. Mason

Q: So as a quick scene-setter, we’d followed the sharp decline in mergers and acquisitions last year and seen reports of a bit of a rebound. What’s the overall landscape in that space halfway through 2023? A: I think it’s…more

Not Out of the Woods Yet

PUBLISHED JULY, 2023 Not so very long ago, the captains of the wealth-management industry were calling for all aboard to batten down the hatches for rough seas ahead. A year later? Well, they’re not suggesting it’s time to gather for…more

Stability KC Can Bank On

PUBLISHED JULY, 2023 As scare headlines go, this one was quite fetching: “U.S. Bank Deposits Down $1 Trillion Since April 2022.” Give them full marks for accuracy; that declaration was entirely true. But headlines have never been big on context.…more

Recognizing the Role of Veteran-Owned Businesses

The strength of any nation, in many respects, lies in the vibrancy of its economy, which in turn, is largely driven by the energy of its small businesses. As we navigate the complexities of a post-pandemic world, it is essential…more

When Your Defense Is No Defense at All

One of my all-time favorite scenes from the sitcom “The Office” is when Michael Scott, facing financial ruin, walks out of his office and shouts at the top of his lungs to all his employees, “I. DECLARE. BANKRUPTCY!” Oscar then…more

Malpractice Isn’t Just a Medical Thing

Professional Liability, or Errors and Omissions (E&O), is a key exposure for businesses. E&O coverage is designed to protect insureds against liability stemming from committing a “professional” error during their process or business services.  You’re probably familiar with the term…more