2023 Corporate Report 100 11-100


11. Seismic Digital, 2nd Year
Growth: 435.08%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 145.03%
Gross Revenue 2022: $7,135,096.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,333,466.00
Full-time employees: 22

Seismic Digital is a consumer insight, digital strategy, and activation firm catering to a diverse range of global and local clients. Rapid growth, says CEO Brett Suddreth, flowed more from client referrals, investments in operational enhancements, and an expanded range of paid media services to encompass AI-driven programmatic advertising. That helped increase the client base and expand the sales pipeline.

12. HeartLand LLC, 3rd Year
Growth: 424.26%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 141.42%
Gross Revenue 2022: $434,091,985
Gross Revenue 2019: $82,800,161
Full-time employees: 3,334

This Kansas City company has created a nationwide commercial landscape enterprise, serving clients across multiple industries in 22 states—corporate campuses, office complexes, health-care facilities, government properties, retail businesses, and many more. The service line includes landscape maintenance, seasonal flowers, irrigation and winter services, among others.

13. Crux KC, 2nd Year
Growth: 383.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 127.67%
Gross Revenue 2022: $4,411,673.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $913,395.11
Full-time employees: 44

Crux KC declares itself to be Kansas City’s “un-agency,” offering fractional CMO services for corporate clients. Multiple factors are driving fast growth, including a highly diversified book of client base, a staff with broad skill sets to address those varied clients, new business verticals, strong team culture, and even more spacious digs in the Crossroads. 

14. Shamrock Roofing and Construction, 1st Year 
Growth: 355.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 118.65%
Gross Revenue 2022: $31,858,484
Gross Revenue 2019: $6,987,071
Full-time employees: 64

Serving home builders, remodelers, and homeowners alike, Shamrock Roofing & Construction admits right up front: It’s probably not the lowest-priced contractor out there. But the reason for that is what helps drive continued growth, the Lenexa-based company says: “Cutting corners usually ends up costing you more in the long run.” 

15. Cenetric Network Services, Inc., 1st Year  
Growth: 337.39%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 112.46%
Gross Revenue 2022: $2,306,869
Gross Revenue 2019: $527,413
Full-time employees: 22

Cenetric Network Services provides IT advisory services for small and mid-sized organizations across the U.S., supplementing in-house IT resources for growing companies. In addition to managed IT services, it provides CIO-level consulting and projects work. That growth arc soared with the 2020 pandemic, which created a demand for outsourced IT services and remote-work projects.

16. AFI, 3rd Year 
Growth: 317.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 105.99%
Gross Revenue 2022: $5,800,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,387,694
Full-time employees: 24

AFI provides custom upfit solutions for all types of commercial vehicle customers. As an authorized factory ship-thru up-fitter for multiple brands, it can deliver work-ready vehicles nationwide. Organically we have increased our footprint in Kansas City but also leveraged our industry contacts to open our services to large multinational companies.

17. Flight Schedule Pro, 2nd Year
Growth: 311.05%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 103.68%
Gross Revenue 2022: $9,850,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,396,331
Full-time employees: 14

Nick Wegner and Jasen Barnes turned a $100 initial investment, and some guidance from a programmer, into a nearly $10 million company with one simple goal: Making it easy for students to schedule flight training online. Today, Flight Schedule Pro offers a digital platform that allows users to manage scheduling, billing, training, and more.

18. Rising Construction Services, Inc., 1st Year
Growth: 308.65%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 102.88%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,118,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $763,000
Full-time employees: 23

A woman-owned union shop that providing traffic and erosion-control services, Rising Construction Services supplies flaggers, traffic equipment rental, hydroseeding, sod, inlets, and more. “I knew there was a need for the services I was/am providing but did not know how needed it was,” says founder Kristen Rising, whose first year of business exceeded her projections by a factor of five.

19. SelectQuote, 2nd Year
Growth: 308.58%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 102.86%
Gross Revenue 2022: $764,050,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $187,000,000
Full-time employees: DD

Year-over-year revenues retreated in 2022, but SelectQuote’s powerful surge in preceding years keeps it firmly in the Top 100 for overall growth since 2019. After going public in the spring of 2020 with a $360 million initial stock offering, it has continued to build out a digital platform that helps consumers price shop for the best deals on risk-management tools.

20. Tallgrass Freight, 6th Year 
Growth: 291.95%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 97.32%
Gross Revenue 2022: $165,744,662
Gross Revenue 2019: $42,286,961
Full-time employees: 36

Tallgrass Freight, a registered Freight Broker Agent program, helps other firms open their own brokerage services, working in the world of less-than-truckload, full-truckload, intermodal and expedited freight. Since 2019, it has grown from 35 agencies to almost 90 by targeting top-tier freight brokers, then pairing with its service offerings to help agents sell into any market.

21. Rhycom Strategic Advertising, 2nd Year   
Growth: 279.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 93.00%
Gross Revenue 2022: $18,023,039
Gross Revenue 2019: $4,755,450
Full-time employees: 18

Overland Park-based Rhycom is a full-service digital advertising agency “built by people who understand what businesses truly need.” Rick Rhyner’s team stared straight into the face of a global pandemic in 2020 and nearly doubled year-over-year revenues, then bettered that performance with strong organic growth among current clients and new business development efforts.

22. Complete Technology Services, 3rd Year  
Growth: 277.07%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 92.36%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,701,941
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,777,361
Full-time employees: 41

Investing in marketing and sales produced new clients and helped retain others, and new project development for existing clients have all been parts of the formula for success at Complete Technology Services, a Kansas City-based technology company with a national support model serving clients across 29 states. It offers those clients hardware, software, and technology solutions.

23. CJ Industries, 1st Year 
Growth: 276.90%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 92.30%
Gross Revenue 2022: $15,064,449.41
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,996,966.00
Full-time employees: 25

Performance has put CJ Industries into rapid-growth mode through its union mechanical, plumbing, and millwright construction services offerings. The firm made the most of a rare opportunity when it teamed up with U.S. Engineering for a slice of the work at the single-terminal Kansas City International Airport, where it demonstrated its skills in new construction practices.

24. Southwind, 2nd Year 
Growth: 275.78%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 91.93%
Gross Revenue 2022: $107,618,854
Gross Revenue 2019: $28,638,597
Full-time employees: 900

Meet one of Kansas City’s newest additions to the $100 million-revenue club: Southwind, which got its start in 2008 as a Got Junk? franchisee. It needed just two years to reach its first $100,000 month, then began expanding service lines and making acquisitions that positioned it for monster growth. Today, the Lenexa company has more than 650 team members operating out of 20 locations in 14 states.

25. Astrawatt Solar, 1st Year 
Growth: 274.24%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 91.41%
Gross Revenue 2022: $14,820,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,960,000
Full-time employees: 14

Midtown-based Astrawatt Solar was founded in 2016 with the goal of providing a superior customer experience, and the model has worked because founder Keith Murphy insisted on an internal focus: It is among a comparative handful of solar companies that manages plan design, engineering, permitting, utility net meter applications, and solar-panel installation all in-house. 

26. City Lifestyle, 7th Year 
Growth: 253.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 84.65%
Gross Revenue 2022: $73,876,031.20
Gross Revenue 2019: $20,871,000.50
Full-time employees: 75

Living proof that content is king, City Lifestyle has leveraged its 2009 founding as a Leawood-focused publication into a nationwide franchising model that pulls in nearly 5 million monthly readers. The formula began by catering to single-family homes in affluent Leawood and struck gold by highlighting the people and businesses in the areas it serves, strengthening readers’ connections to local communities.

27. Newkirk Novak Construction, 1st Year 
Growth: 252.71%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 84.24%
Gross Revenue 2022: $179,882,978
Gross Revenue 2019: $51,000,000
Full-time employees: 47

Construction veterans Lynn Newkirk and John Novak had a better idea for a construction company in 2009 and left the security of larger contractors to see it through. As a result, Newkirk Novak Construction Partners, specializing in health care, office, and education settings, among others, has become not just one of the region’s fastest-growing companies but one of the top 100 in revenues.

28. D&L Transport, 9th Year 
Growth: 245.16%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 81.72%
Gross Revenue 2022: $323,343,205
Gross Revenue 2019: $93,680,304
Full-time employees: 180

D&L Transport, an Overland Park transportation brokerage company, offers freight brokerage services throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as technology and software solutions for the transportation industry. Three keys to success: hiring a marketing director dedicated to that function, focusing on recruiting and onboarding, and maintaining a commitment to exceptional service.

29. Worldwide Steel Buildings, 1st Year 
Growth: 243.62%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 81.21%
Gross Revenue 2022: $49,521,888
Gross Revenue 2019: $14,411,734
Full-time employees: 93

A quarter-century before the barndominium phenomenon in construction, Worldwide Steel Buildings began operations with its truss factory in Peculiar, Mo. And it continues to offer high-quality, cost-effective custom metal building kits for individuals and small businesses who need buildings that can double as workplaces and residences.

30. Resolve Counseling, 1st Year 
Growth: 236.87%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 78.96%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,250,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $964,764
Full-time employees: 30

Resolve Counseling offers individual outpatient therapy, both in-person and on-line, throughout the Kansas City area, with offices in Prairie Village, Parkville and Lee’s Summit. Demand for mental-health services has soared across the nation since the onset of the 2020 pandemic, and Resolve has addressed that increased need, in part, with multiple office expansions. 

31. Summit Homes KC, 6th Year 
Growth: 233.36%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 77.79%
Gross Revenue 2022: $311,930,337
Gross Revenue 2019: $93,571,174
Full-time employees: 80

After establishing itself as the KC region’s biggest home builder, Summit Homes expanded into the Des Moines market with predictable results: Sales continue to boom, nearly doubling year over year, in spite of a challenging housing sector last year. With 3,000 homes under its belt, since the first one went up in 2002, the company has earned more than 150 awards for construction excellence and fast growth.

32. Draiver Inc., 2nd Year 
Growth: 229.53%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 76.51%
Gross Revenue 2022: $35,736,979
Gross Revenue 2019: $10,844,704
Full-time employees: 68

Overland Park-based Draiver, which applied the gig-economy template to transporting vehicles, now operates in 167 cities nationwide, with nearly 16,300 available drivers and a 98 percent on-time delivery record. Operations largely stalled in the first year of the pandemic but hit the gas as the nation’s economy recovered, more than tripling since the end of 2020.

33. Max Motors Dealerships, 2nd Year
Growth: 218.88%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 72.96%
Gross Revenue 2022: $474,754,097
Gross Revenue 2019: $148,880,000
Full-time employees: 239

In vehicle sales, honesty and integrity are people who care to make a difference. Hard to argue with that for a Butler, Mo.-based company that started in 2006 and now has nine franchises, 12 dealerships, three commercial truck departments, and two collision centers across six cities in Missouri and Kansas. And that, say owners Mark Muller and Bob Jacaway, is just the beginning.

34. Safe Haven Security, 6th Year 
Growth: 204.50%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 68.17%
Gross Revenue 2022: $386,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $126,763,957
Full-time employees: 2,164

Among the nation’s largest ADT dealers in security services, Safe Haven Security Systems has amassed a client base of more than 100,000 homeowners and builders across a national footprint of 75 metro areas served. With an average 5-star rating from more than 12,000 reviews on consumer site Birdeye.com, its stellar reputation plays a big part in the company’s success.

35. Dynamic Logistix, 5th Year 
Growth: 203.48%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 67.83%
Gross Revenue 2022: $245,335,539
Gross Revenue 2019: $80,840,094
Full-time employees: 73

America’s massive shipping sector has witnessed a technological revolution, and this region has no better example of that than Dynamic Logistix. The Overland Park company, a former CR100 No. 1, helps shippers and carriers track loads in real-time, manage data and communications, navigate a volatile freight market, and extract insights from their data.

36. Global Soft Systems, 2nd Year 
Growth: 200.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 66.67%
Gross Revenue 2022: $7,130,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,376,697
Full-time employees: 28

Global Soft Systems specializes in staffing and recruiting for corporate clients nationwide. Its tech offerings help those companies reduce costs, ensure system stability, and improve efficiency with a wide range of services that include robotic process automation, cloud computing, Big Data, IoT, software engineering and traditional business intelligence, and enterprise management.

37. Gadwood Group Realty, 2nd Year 
Growth: 194.72%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 64.91%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,484,621
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,182,331
Full-time employees: 2

Five-star customer service and a full stable of engaged agents have propelled Gadwood Group Realty’s growth. The Shawnee-based agency accommodates single-family residential and multifamily customers who are buying or selling, as well as buyers and sellers of investment properties, new construction and lot/land sales, luxury property sales and foreclosure luxury property sales.

38. ProcureIT Network, 3rd Year 
Growth: 191.77%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 63.92%
Gross Revenue 2022: $13,639,938
Gross Revenue 2019: $4,674,872
Full-time employees: 2

Procure IT Solutions helps clients optimize their monthly cloud-environment spend and rein those costs in. Customized solutions give clients the visibility and control needed to manage their AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud environments efficiently. Since 2019, Procure has expanded service offerings from on-premises software sales and service, and allowed clients to purchase usage directly.

39. Element | Sotheby’s International, 2nd Year 
Growth: 186.00%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 62.00%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,145,511
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,148,766
Full-time employees: DD

Based in Mission Woods, this firm formerly branded as Bash & Co. provides full-service residential real estate brokerage services in emerging, established, and luxury neighborhoods and has more than doubled the number of homes sold over the past four years. Its aggregate home-value volume rose by a corresponding amount, producing commissions that rose accordingly.

40. Nutrition Partners, 2nd Year 
Growth: 176.84%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 58.95%
Gross Revenue 2022: $7,719,149
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,788,288
Full-time employees: 36

Founded in 2014, Nutrition Partners operates GNC franchise stores in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas. From its inception as a single location in Parkville, it has expanded to 19 retail store locations in seven states. Strategic acquisitions have driven growth, as has the expansion into new locations in underserved markets. 

41. Collision Leaders, 5th Year
Growth: 176.76%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 58.92%
Gross Revenue 2022: $10,581,364
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,823,311
Full-time employees: 91

Casey Lund took the longtime family business in Warrensburg and updated it with a regional vision, acquiring other automotive repair facilities in various Missouri markets as Warrensburg Collision morphed into Collision Leaders. The results speak for themselves, as revenues have nearly tripled in recent years for an enterprise that now boasts six locations.

42. Vest Professional Placement Firm, 4th Year 
Growth: 165.78%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 55.26%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,295,478.43
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,368,703.15
Full-time employees: 5

A diverse range of staffing services—temporary associates, temporary-to-hire, contract employees, on-site recruiter, and direct-hire placements—have all come together to fuel growth at Vest Professional Services. Probationary hiring, a type of try-before-you-hire function, has also spurred interest in the firm’s ability to deliver workers across a wide range of business sectors.

43. TFL (Formerly Tickets for Less), 4th Year 
Growth: 164.17%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 54.72%
Gross Revenue 2022: $157,098,667
Gross Revenue 2019: $59,469,725
Full-time employees: 100

A sleeker brand image has this Johnson County events-ticket exchange, formerly Tickets for Less, firing on all cylinders, and that’s before Taylor Swift started skewing the market with her Kansas City tour stop. A history of acquisitions, expanded offerings, and now a nationwide footprint has yielded an enterprise that powers web sites for more than 300 companies.

44. GBA Companies, 2nd Year 
Growth: 162.09%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 54.03%
Gross Revenue 2022: $195,405,577
Gross Revenue 2019: $74,555,397
Full-time employees: 513

This design-services firm based in Lenexa has 15 offices nationwide and a portfolio of projects that number in the thousands, including large-scale transportation infrastructure, water systems, and logistics facilities. GBA’s service line includes architecture and engineering, asset management, building-code services, development review and planning, fire protection and more.

45. Metro Construction, Inc., 4th Year 
Growth: 158.11%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.70%
Gross Revenue 2022: $13,011,918.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $5,041,202.28
Full-time employees: DD

Metro Construction is a nationwide general contracting and construction management firm specializing in multi-location buildouts and ground-up construction for medical, retail, and office use. For most of its history, Metro was primarily a tenant finish/buildout operation, but in 2020, it began hiring staff with broader skill sets, allowing the company to reach clients in other sectors.

46. Friend That Cooks, 4th Year 
Growth: 151.31%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 50.44%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,756,394
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,688,505
Full-time employees: 87

When busy families need a hand managing mealtimes, Friend That Cooks steps in with in-home weekly meal preparation services. That means everything from planning a menu, shopping, cooking, clean-up, and stocking a family’s refrigerator with a week’s worth of meals that can be reheated. The formula works, with an annualized growth rate of 67.7 percent since its inception in 2007.

47. Marknology, 1st Year 
Growth: 149.91%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 49.97%
Gross Revenue 2022: $1,974,667.41
Gross Revenue 2019: $790,146.10
Full-time employees: 32

Marknology is a full-service agency for brands and manufacturers using Amazon, offering a selling system for launching products on all e-commerce platforms and managing more than 200 million sales on Amazon alone. “We had been preparing to scale before COVID,” says owner Andrew Morgans. “However, the pandemic really had a positive effect on e-commerce as a whole.”

48. Ashlar Homes, 2nd Year 
Growth: 146.16%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 48.72%
Gross Revenue 2022: $36,331,862.15
Gross Revenue 2019: $14,759,578.53
Full-time employees: 21

Even as the home construction space constricted with rising interest rates in 2022, Ashlar Homes was able to boost sales by more than 50 percent year-over-year. The key? Strategic changes to reduce marketing costs and provide homes priced competitively for the downsizing or first-time home buyers’ market—catching both the Baby Boomers as well as buyers from the youngest generations.

49. UTXL, 4th Year 
Growth: 143.74%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 47.91%
Gross Revenue 2022: $142,304,898.81
Gross Revenue 2019: $58,382,939.00
Full-time employees: 33

A third-party logistics company, UTXL  boasts a management team with more than a century of asset-based management experience. It provides reliable, cost-effective capacity plus technology solutions for shippers nationwide, attributing growth to its commitment to safety and service, strict carrier guidelines, award-winning technologies and 24/7 live customer service.

50. Neighbors Construction, 6th Year 
Growth: 141.28%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 47.09%
Gross Revenue 2022: $76,510,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $31,710,000
Full-time employees: 38

Based in Lenexa, Neighbors Construction is a family-owned contractor that runs three generations deep, specializing in multifamily projects across the Kansas City region. One of its signature statements is the Power & Light Building, where it took the lead in a transformation to a residential tower; another is the massive CORE | Modern Apartments on Berkley Riverfront project.

51. Apollo Insurance Group, 7th Year 
Growth: 139.44%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 46.48%
Gross Revenue 2022: $11,301,118
Gross Revenue 2019: $4,719,909
Full-time employees: 52

The growth hits just keep on coming for Scott Eckley and his team at Apollo Insurance Group, a health-insurance brokerage that has grown to serve clients in 40 states. In 2018, Apollo set a goal to increase the size of is broker staff and go nationwide. The ability of those brokers to assimilate the nuances of the industry and embrace a client-first mentality has been key to client satisfaction and retention.

52. KCAS Bioanalytics & Biomarker Service, 4th Year 
Growth: 131.08%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.69%
Gross Revenue 2022: $62,192,616
Gross Revenue 2019: $26,913,921
Full-time employees: 346

Focused, strategic growth—that’s what KCAS Bioanalytical and Biomarker Services has realized as a contract-research organization in medical research, laboratory, and drug development. The growth factors: investments in expanding the business with its hiring and infrastructure, new facilities, increased services, acquisitions, and understanding and anticipating client demands.

53. Re/Max Heritage, 6th Year
Growth: 127.90%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.63%
Gross Revenue 2022: $20,336,552
Gross Revenue 2019: $8,923,455
Full-time employees: 7

As home buying in the U.S. fell off in 2022, RE/MAX Heritage focuses on complete real-estate agent development. “We work to find growth-minded professionals who care about others,” says broker-owner David Weisemann. “Relationships are vital to our service-first model” and they allowed the Blue Springs agency to serve in the face of a declining market.

54. Oakes Auto, 5th Year 
Growth: 124.53%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 41.51%
Gross Revenue 2022: $152,685,090
Gross Revenue 2019: $68,001,960
Full-time employees: 138

From Clay County in the Northland to Linn County in exurban Kansas, Oakes Auto has made a name for itself in a hurry—the company began operations in 2010 and hurtled from zero past $100 million sales in a little more than a decade. It operates dealerships for Kia (North Kansas City), Mitsubishi (Kansas City, Kan.) and Ford (Pleasanton, Kan.) brands.

55. DMC Service, 2nd Year 
Growth: 123.54%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 41.18%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,867,823
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,730,253
Full-time employees: 10

DMC Service is a commercial HVAC and plumbing contractor whose strong growth rests on a three-legged stool: First, early in 2020 and before the pandemic shutdowns, it made the call to work with an outside marketing firm, optimizing and improving the website with SEO/PPC, then added official ‘team leaders’ to each service division, freeing leadership of day-to-day distractions.

56. Don Julian Builders Inc., 2nd Year
Growth: 119.14%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 39.71%
Gross Revenue 2022: $108,596,433
Gross Revenue 2019: $49,556,791
Full-time employees: 51

Housing downturn? They’re not having any of it at this Lenexa-based construction company, which has more than doubled its top line since the pre-pandemic year 2019. As America’s focus turned homeward during the COVID era, the company added to a rich history that has produced more than 2,000 residences since 1974. It offers three dozen models and floorplans.

57. Gary Kerns Homebuilders, 2nd Year 
Growth: 114.32%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 38.11%
Gross Revenue 2022: $19,127,488
Gross Revenue 2019: $8,924,881
Full-time employees: 14

Family-owned Gary Kerns Homebuilders crafts quality new homes in the Kansas City, North area. “We believe our building process and service offers great value to our buyers and is one reason for our growth,” says Kerns, a third-generation builder. “We worked to increase our social media presence through marketing, and expanded the areas where we built new homes.”

58. 27Global, 1st Year 
Growth: 113.36%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.79%
Gross Revenue 2022: $11,101,950.24
Gross Revenue 2019: $5,203,425.05
Full-time employees: 36

27Global is a software, data, and cloud engineering and IT consulting company founded in 2008. It helps businesses across the U.S. leverage that tech to scale or streamline operations in a wide range of industries—financial services, manufacturing, technology, and software-as-a-service. The sweet spot: mid-market companies with between $100 million to $5 billion in revenue.

59. HTK Architects, 1st Year 
Growth: 111.81%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.27%
Gross Revenue 2022: $18,250,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $8,616,166
Full-time employees: 35

Only about three dozen in number, the team at HTK punches well above its weight with a service line that includes architectural projects, master planning, interior design and furnishings, code and compliance services, signage and wayfinding graphics and a lot more. That diversity has helped keep the growth engine humming on projects for a wide range of business sectors.

60. Automatic Systems, Inc., 5th Year 
Growth: 110.02%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.67%
Gross Revenue 2022: $342,153,044
Gross Revenue 2019: $162,917,533
Full-time employees: 387

Applying the machining muscle that large-scale manufacturing needs to move the world, Automatic Systems is a Kansas City company serving vehicle makers, steel mills, logistics facilities, and others with powerful materials-handling infrastructure. Conveyors, towing systems, and rack-and-pallet management tools are among the mainstays of ASI’s product lines.

61. Brain Group, 3rd Year 
Growth: 109.94%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.65%
Gross Revenue 2022: $7,958,134
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,790,597
Full-time employees: 10

Kansas City-based Brain Group is a value-add asset manager focusing on class B office and retail projects, pursuing deals in which it invests its own funds alongside its partners. A growth key has been with acquisitions, adding one large property in late 2019, another in late 2020, and two more last year. Partner Andrew Brain says effective leasing and management have produced YoY growth.

62. e2E, LLC, 5th Year 
Growth: 105.60%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 35.20%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,874,959
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,884,701
Full-time employees: 33

e2E helps startups, small to mid-size organizations, and non-profits grow from entrepreneur to Enterprise. This Kansas City firm provides outsourced strategic finance, accounting, human resources, payroll, and tax expertise. The company attributes its growth to talented staff, great client service, and a strong partner network,” with 100 percent of its new clients coming from referrals.

63. Luke Draily Construction, 4th Year 
Growth: 99.12%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.04%
Gross Revenue 2022: $33,850,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $17,000,000
Full-time employees: 45

A tip for anyone seeking a commercial contract: Do not call here and ask for either Luke or Mr. Draily. This fast-growing builder is the namesake of the founders’ children back in 1997, and it offers preconstruction, general contracting, design-build, and construction management services. Growth is fueled by a 90-percent rate of repeat or referral work.

64. Weichert, Realtors Welch & Co., 4th Year 
Growth: 98.41%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.80%
Gross Revenue 2022: $14,049,017.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $7,080,749.33
Full-time employees: 53

Independently-owned Weichert Realtors, Welch & Company is a real estate team serving buyers, sellers, builders, and developers in the Kansas City area. In 2022, its team of nearly 120 registered agents was able to increase transaction volume by more than 18 percent, cracking the 1,000-home threshold for the first time. It specializes in executive-level homes.

65. Syler Construction, 3rd Year 
Growth: 95.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.99%
Gross Revenue 2022: $19,294,393
Gross Revenue 2019: $9,845,919
Full-time employees: 12

Family-owned and -operated, this Kearney-based contractor specializes in commercial and residential general construction services. With a broad service line that includes metal buildings and design-build construction, the company has assembled an experienced team that has executed projects in Missouri, Kansas, and a dozen other states from California to North Carolina. 

66. LotPop, Inc., 5th Year 
Growth: 95.85%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.95%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,800,170.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,940,376.57
Full-time employees: 20

LotPop is a car-dealer marketing company serving dealers nationwide to improve their sales volume. The addition of new products and services, combined with added manpower from more sales analysts, has spurred growth and helped ensure customers are provided the requested services. To manage that growth, LotPop added a director of training to help dealers maximize their services.

67. Go Local Interactive, 4th Year
Growth: 93.80%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.27%
Gross Revenue 2022: $19,600,677
Gross Revenue 2019: $10,113,646
Full-time employees: 96

Go Local Interactive is a premium digital marketing agency based in Overland Park, specializing in SEO, PPC, Content, and Web products. It now boasts an impressive team of more than 100 digital marketers and engineers who help drive success for top brands in the self-storage, multi-family, and home services industries. Other keys to growth were new vertical entries and new customer acquisition.

68. Re/Max Elite, Realtors, 2nd Year 
Growth: 92.46%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.82%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,390,825
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,320,621
Full-time employees: 5

Nearly half a century ago, David Rogers founded his first real estate firm with a goal: To hire an elite group of real-estate agents who could provide service at a higher level. That was back in 1976, and since then, this RE/MAX affiliate has emerged as a powerhouse in eastern Jackson County. The agency has more than 50 sales agents with some of the region’s highest unit sales-per-agent margins.

69. Integrated Psychiatric Consultants, 2nd Year 
Growth: 89.12%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.71%
Gross Revenue 2022: $10,146,141.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $5,365,003.00
Full-time employees: 71

Integrated Psychiatric Consultants is a physician-owned practice offering behavioral health solutions for organizations nationwide, from general adult psychiatrists, child and adolescent psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, behavioral health clinicians, licensed social workers, and others. Last year, it went from 39 to 57 care providers and expanded into seven new states.

70. BSE Structural Engineers, 1st Year 
Growth: 88.33%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.44%
Gross Revenue 2022: $5,650,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,000,000
Full-time employees: 21

Versatility has kicked BSE Structural Engineers into high gear as the Lenexa-based design firm rolls out one project after another—schools and churches, restaurants and retail stores, hotels, warehouse and distribution facilities, office space and more. Now a national design, BSE is professionally registered in all 50 states and six Canadian provinces, as well as the nation’s capital and Puerto Rico.

71. CRB, 16th Year 
Growth: 83.48%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.83%
Gross Revenue 2022: $1,250,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $681,270,000
Full-time employees: 1,028

Engineering, architecture, construction, and consulting: This design firm does it all and has racked up recognition on various levels: According to Engineering News-Record, the Bible for that industry, CRB is No. 36 among the nation’s Top 100 design firms, No. 2 for design firms in manufacturing for the pharmaceutical sector, and No. 8 among manufacturing firms in the food and beverage class.

72. ECCO Select, 12th Year
Growth: 83.39%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.80%
Gross Revenue 2022: $72,200,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $39,369,882
Full-time employees: 422

Leveraging its status as both a woman-owned and minority-owned enterprise in the IT space, ECCO specializes in professional services, staffing, and management consulting. It serves a wide variety of industries, including financial services, transportation, public service and government, non-profit, energy, utilities, communications, health, life science, travel, and retail. 

73. Davidson A + E, 4th Year 
Growth: 83.24%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.75%
Gross Revenue 2022: $13,107,156
Gross Revenue 2019: $7,152,947
Full-time employees: 26

Overland Park-based Davidson A+E is a full-service design firm with a staff of 25 specializing in industrial and retail development with its suite of architecture, civil engineering, interior architecture, and master planning services. Founded in 1995 by John Davidson, it embraces four founding principles that have sustained success and growth: communication, commitment, creativity, and innovation.

74. Native Digital, 5th Year 
Growth: 81.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.26%
Gross Revenue 2022: $5,636,373.58
Gross Revenue 2019: $3,100,449.33
Full-time employees: 24

Kansas City’s Native Digital is a brand messaging and performance marketing firm helping brands acquire customers where they live: online. “Brands are looking for name recognition and customer acquisition,” says vice president Lisa Anderson. “We deliver both, and the data proves it.” The firm’s service line includes audience intel, positioning and value proposition guidance, among others.

75. Smart Warehousing, 1st Year 
Growth: 81.03%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.01%
Gross Revenue 2022: $151,740,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $83,820,000
Full-time employees: 463

Leveraging the power of tech in logistics, Smart Warehousing helps third-party logistics providers get the most out of robotics, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, performing tasks like inventory management and product location with reduced human effort. Founder Carl Wassinger says growth factors include “our people, our technology, and our customers.”

76. Basys Processing, 1st Year 
Growth: 78.95%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 26.32%
Gross Revenue 2022: $68,033,864
Gross Revenue 2019: $38,018,975
Full-time employees: 143

This Lenexa-based company, the financial-services arm of the Oddo family business enterprises, provides credit-card processing products and programs for banks and merchants nationwide. Founded in 2002, and led by CEO Brad Oddo, it has grown into one of the region’s biggest in the payments sector by going above and beyond with services like breach insurance, next-day funding, and superior customer service.

77. McCray Lumber, 4th Year 
Growth: 75.57%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.19%
Gross Revenue 2022: $212,443,422
Gross Revenue 2019: $121,000,000
Full-time employees: 241

Claiming status as a fast-growth company at the spry corporate age of 115 isn’t easy, but McCray Lumber is getting it done as a one-stop shop for contractors and homeowners alike: framing lumber, materials for decks, siding, doors and windows, trim, molding and a lot more. Based in Olathe, it has five lumber yards, half a million square feet of products in covered storage, and 50 acres of open lumber yard.

78. Universal Auto Plaza, 5th Year 
Growth: 75.55%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.18%
Gross Revenue 2022: $55,933,965
Gross Revenue 2019: $31,861,777
Full-time employees: 75

A worldwide shortage of new-vehicle parts, especially computer chips, triggered a massive burst in the valuations of used vehicles even before the global pandemic made things a lot worse in 2020. That left Universal Auto Plaza, with its used-car business model, poised for growth, and it has capitalized with a unique inventory. As recently as this month, you could find a 1939 Jaguar Roadster among its listings.

79. Spencer Fane, 4th Year 
Growth: 75.11%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.04%
Gross Revenue 2022: $229,034,658
Gross Revenue 2019: $130,796,000
Full-time employees: 663

With more than a score of practice groups operating from nearly two dozen offices nationwide, Spencer Fane is all about the business of business law. Tracing its roots to 1879, it has practice groups in banking, health care, employment law, corporate M&A, and many other fields. “We’re focused on client-centered growth that is aligned with our culture and values,” says firm chairman Pat Whalen.

80. Centric, 5th Year 
Growth: 74.42%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 24.81%
Gross Revenue 2022: $169,650,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $97,266,128
Full-time employees: 125

Project versatility turned Centric from a Great Recession-era startup into a $100 million company in less than a decade, and if it can hold the current growth arc for another year, it’ll soon double that mark. From office and health-care space to residential construction and industrial sites, apartments, and retail settings, this Crossroads-based company has nimbly pursued the work where it presented itself.

81. SAB Construction, 4th Year 
Growth: 73.43%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 24.48%
Gross Revenue 2022: $51,666,815
Gross Revenue

2019: $29,791,607
Full-time employees: 36

SAB Construction, based in Lee’s Summit, builds single-family and multi-family homes in this region—nearly 1,450 total, at last count, in 16 area communities. With a core value that home-buying and construction are deeply personal experiences, the company has grown by offering new home plans, providing quality-built homes, capturing repeat business, and providing warranty processes.

82. Barkley, 7th Year 
Growth: 72.96%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 24.32%
Gross Revenue 2022: $86,590,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $50,063,173
Full-time employees: 392

The rocket atop Barkley’s Crossroads headquarters is more than a visual symbol: it also stands for next-level growth at an advertising and marketing agency founded in 1964. There’s a reason the folks here consider their work to be Rocket Science. It is 100 percent employee-owned, a dynamic that the leadership says creates a climate ideal for fast decisions and actions as well as accountability.

83. Masters Transportation, 1st Year 
Growth: 68.79%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.93%
Gross Revenue 2022: $127,350,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $75,450,000
Full-time employees: 142

From its base in Belton, south of Kansas City, Masters Transportation has become a national player in commercial vehicles for rent, lease, and purchase, mainly with buses, vans, and specialty vehicles. With a wide range of vehicles—truly: where else can you find a new, 57-passenger Freightliner?—the company offers new and used vehicles, along with parts, service, and financing guidance.

84. Burns & McDonnell, 16th Year 
Growth: 67.64%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.55%
Gross Revenue 2022: $6,986,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $4,167,181,876
Full-time employees: 13,500

Anyone who doesn’t know about the growth rocket they’re riding at Burns & McDonnell simply hasn’t been paying attention. The region’s No. 1 engineering/construction firm has hired more high-level talent more rapidly than any other company in recent years, expanding its service lines and geographic footprint. It now has 13,500 people in offices worldwide, and 5,000 in KC.

85. Westlake Hardware, 3rd Year 
Growth: 67.05%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.35%
Gross Revenue 2022: $620,973,290
Gross Revenue 2019: $371,729,449
Full-time employees: 3,770

If you have a neighborhood hardware store nearby but it’s not flying the Westlake flag, have patience: The way this Lenexa-based company has been adding stores nationwide, it might not be long until yours is in the fold. But acquisitions alone have not accounted for the growth at Westlake: Americans’ love affair with upgrading their places in the work-from-home era has also driven sales.

86. KBP Brands, 11th Year 
Growth: 66.53%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.18%
Gross Revenue 2022: $1,450,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $870,708,000
Full-time employees: 15,300

It all started in 1999 with the purchase of five fast-food outlets in Colorado. Since then, it’s been nothing but growth at KBP Brands, which through three operating divisions boasts KFC, Taco Bell, Long John Silvers, Arby’s, and A&W eateries—more than 940 have come into the fold since the company’s founding, with more than 15,000 employees in 25 states.

87. AstraWorks, 3rd Year 
Growth: 64.57%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.52%
Gross Revenue 2022: $16,790,000.00
Gross Revenue 2019: $10,202,498.00
Full-time employees: 14

Putting the manpower into the power sector, as well as enterprises in the design/build space, Kansas City-based AstraWorks helps employers in those fields find the talent they need for roles in project and construction management, engineering, operations, and other disciplines. Its services include direct hire, staffing, and staff augmentation, and has served employers in three dozen states.

88. Seaboard Corp., 8th Year 
Growth: 64.37%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.46%
Gross Revenue 2022: $11,243,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $6,840,000,000
Full-time employees: 23,000

The region’s largest publicly-traded company, Seaboard Corp. for all intents and purposes remains family owned, with the Boston-based Bresky family owning the controlling interest in its shares. Based in Merriam, the company is responsible for pork, poultry and other protein-chain products shipped around the world, along with multiple other shipping and agribusiness interests.

89. Soave Enterprises, 3rd Year 
Growth: 63.10%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.03%
Gross Revenue 2022: $540,205,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $331,209,090
Full-time employees: 275

Baby Boomers who have sold their companies, people who have survived a pandemic and want to really live, and growing numbers of a high-net-worth investor class: All have fueled demand for better, faster, sleeker personal transportation. Soave, through its Aristocrat Motors operation, has met the demand for Mercedes, Porches, Range Rover, Maseratis, Jaguars, and Alfa Romeo brands.

90. Lutz Plumbing, 4th Year 
Growth: 62.54%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.85%
Gross Revenue 2022: $3,169,386
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,949,948
Full-time employees: 15

Four generations deep from its base in Shawnee, Lutz Plumbing offers plumbing repairs, remodeling, and installation. An expanded digital and broadcast marketing and advertising strategy, says owner Amber Lutz-Sherman, has helped fuel growth, as have refinements systems and processes.

91. MMGY Global, 2nd Year 
Growth: 60.77%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.26%
Gross Revenue 2022: $214,154,835
Gross Revenue 2019: $133,201,610
Full-time employees: 499

MMGY Global bills itself as the world’s leading integrated-marketing company specializing in the travel, tourism and hospitality industries. Especially as pandemic-era travel recovered, says marketing director Whit Bones, the Overland Park firm solidified its position through new product development, global expansion, and superior results for clients in their recovery efforts.

92. Inspired Homes, 4th Year 
Growth: 60.61%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.20%
Gross Revenue 2022: $44,750,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $27,862,470
Full-time employees: 24

Whether you’re ready to buy off the shelf at 14 communities from Platte City to south Overland Park and Lee’s Summit or looking to build that dream castle, Inspired Homes offers next-level options in luxury living. Its homes range from mid-$400s to mid-$800s in price and are definitely not starters: listed models range from three to six bedrooms and go as big as 3,900 square feet.

93. Ask Cathy Marketing Group, 4th Year 
Growth: 58.83%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.61%
Gross Revenue 2022: $2,669,061.74
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,680,438.45
Full-time employees: 22

Lee’s Summit’s Ask Cathy Marketing Group, an affiliate of Keller Williams Platinum Partners, specializes in residential resale homes, new construction homes, and investment properties in the Kansas City area. In holding the line on sales volume as interest rates suppressed buyer numbers, she says, “We have increased our lead generation efforts and service methodology.”

94. TVH, 1st Year 
Growth: 58.43%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.48%
Gross Revenue 2022: $619,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $390,700,000
Full-time employees: 1,070

Headquartered in Olathe, the American Hemisphere’s operations of this global company supplies parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles, construction, and agricultural machinery and can get those goods to 90 percent of vehicles in the U.S. in just one day. Still privately owned by the families of its founders, TVH operates a massive distribution facility in Olathe and employs nearly 1,100 people.

95. Lockton Companies, 19th Year 
Growth: 58.14%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.38%
Gross Revenue 2022: $2,719,983,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,720,000,000
Full-time employees: 6,800

Another year, another notch in the belt of revenue-winning streaks for the world’s largest private independent insurance brokerage and benefits consultancy—for those keeping score, that’s 55 straight year-over-year increases. Barreling toward the $3 billion mark in revenues, this Plaza-based enterprise stands as one of the region’s most dazzling entrepreneurial success stories. 

96. Salvus TG, 3rd Year 
Growth: 56.17%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.72%
Gross Revenue 2022: $4,034,430
Gross Revenue 2019: $2,583,384
Full-time employees: 18

Salvus TG provides managed IT services for small businesses, ranging from C-Level management to daily break/fix, how-to, and adds/moves/changes. The Lee’s Summit company has seen growth by mastering tech issues of performance, security, compliance, data backup, user access, procurement, growth, and scalability, among items on a long list of an administrator’s duties. 

97. Lathrop GPM, 3rd Year 
Growth: 55.53%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.51%
Gross Revenue 2022: $198,044,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $127,335,000
Full-time employees: 593

Tracing its historical roots to its claim as the oldest continuously operating law firm west of the Mississippi River, the Lathrop GPM today reorganized with a 2020 merger. That has only enhanced its national reach as a business-law specialist with more than two dozen practice groups in 13 offices from Los Angeles to Boston, and its one of the Kansas City area’s biggest firms.

98. CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust, 1st Year 
Growth: 55.51%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.50%
Gross Revenue 2022: $133,650,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $85,945,570
Full-time employees: DD

A pioneer in its space as a real-estate investment trust, CorEnergy Infrastructure Trust was the first publicly listed REIT focused on energy infrastructure—oil, gas and power, in particular. It owns and operates or leases critical assets and associated, right-of-way corridors that are difficult to replicate. It gives investors liquidity and direct access to energy infrastructure in the U.S.

99. Dairy Farmers of America, 2nd Year 
Growth: 55.06%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.35%
Gross Revenue 2022: $24,500,000,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $15,800,000,000
Full-time employees: 5,600

A boom in U.S. dairy production propelled the region’s largest private company, with a huge baseline of $19.3 billion in 2021, onto the fast-growth list. Dairy Farmers of America had an even better 2022 at $24.5 billion—up nearly 27 percent. The Kansas City, Kan.-based cooperative supports family dairy farms, producing fluid milk, cheese, butter, ice cream, dairy ingredients, and other dairy products.

100. Custom Truck One Source, 4th Year 
Growth: 52.74%
Average Annual Growth Rate: 17.58%
Gross Revenue 2022: $1,573,090,000
Gross Revenue 2019: $1,029,917,000
Full-time employees: 1,700

From family-owned startup with a handful of machinery, Custom Truck One Source has become a national power in heavy-construction machinery sales, leasing and service. Publicly traded on the New York Stock exchange, it now boasts 2,300 employees operating from 35 locations across the U.S., offering sales, rentals and financing of trucks, trailers and other heavy equipment.