Ingram's Magazine: July 2014

Corporate Report 100 2014

1. Pendo Management Group    1st Year Growth: 3,877.87%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 1,292.62% Gross Revenue:         2013: $8,471,671        2010: $212,970          Full-time employees: 14Take a look at these dots, and see if you can connect them the way Jeff…more

From War to Work

As the economy slowly gains momentum, companies are hiring again and once again—many are finding that qualified candidates are not always readily available. A resource that often goes untapped involves military veterans. Despite government efforts and public-service campaigns, unemployment among…more

The World is KC’s Oyster

Matt Wood didn’t get into business in Kansas City thinking of himself as an exporter. When he founded SCD Probiotics in 1998, he was anticipating domestic demand for the company’s microbial product lines—like those for maintaining human health, or for…more

20/20 Visionaries

We are all beholden to those who came before us—in some cases, long before us. Think about it: If you drive into Downtown to work from Olathe or Liberty on I-35, or from Independence on I-70, or Smithville on U.S.…more

Something We Can All Stand For

Various medical journals in the U.S. and abroad have estimated that health-policy changes, on average, don’t crystallize until roughly 17 years after they’ve first been suggested by evidence-based research. Some, in fact, can take a lot longer: The U.S. surgeon…more

Pride of Ownership

For women in executive roles, one way to break the glass ceiling is to wield a hammer and do it through a combination of will, business skill, managerial competence and determination. Another way, it seems, is to own that ceiling.…more