Corporate Report 100 2014

1. Pendo Management Group    

1st Year
Growth: 3,877.87%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 1,292.62%
Gross Revenue:         2013: $8,471,671        2010: $212,970          Full-time employees: 14

Take a look at these dots, and see if you can connect them the way Jeff Sandman and Mike Peck did:
■ Inflated appraisals contribute to the 2007-08 collapse in the U.S. housing market.
■ In May 2009, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac implement the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, new guidelines for lenders to follow when ordering appraisals.
■ Those new standards sever the link between mortgage lender and appraiser, creating opportunities that mortgage appraisal management companies can leverage into new lines of business.
Harder to connect are the dots that led Sandman, whose real estate development and construction company was a victim of the downturn, and Peck, who had recently sold his IT staffing company, to launch Pendo Management Group in 2009. (“Pendo,” by the way, is Latin for “value.”) Their goal—after boning up on the fundamentals of the appraisal business—was to fill a void with concierge-level service using highly certified and tenured appraisers.
“There’s no better time to start something, in theory, than when a market is at the bottom,” Sandman says. “But we’re both entrepreneurs. … We knew nothing about the industry, but we figured it out on our own.” The slow real estate recovery afforded time to absorb the basics and identify the service gaps, so when the market bounced back, they were ready. And how.
With growth of 3,877.87 percent between 2010 and 2013, Pendo Management Group makes a huge splash on its first dive into Ingram’s Corporate Report 100, locking up the No. 1 position this year.  “It was a struggle for quite a while,” Sandman says.
“In May 2011, we got a client we’d been courting for more than a year, got that contract signed, and that’s when we knew it was going to take off. It just took that one deal … and clients started coming in droves.”
The goal now, he said, is to continue serving a client roster doing business in all 50 states, by completing the licensing
processes in each. That’s an expensive and time-consuming chore, but one that will be key to long-term growth, Sandman said.

2. Avenue Link         
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $6,360,103    2010: $238,697
Growth: 2,564.51%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 854.84%
Full-time employees:    11
Avenue Link makes its CR100 debut in impressive fashion, and in its first year of eligibility. The Lenexa company—which specializes in e-mail marketing management, lead generation and creative development—went from startup in 2010 to $6.36 million in revenues last year. Co-founder Nathan Roberts, who was immersed in both digital marketing fundamentals and fast-growth environments at companies like Clickspeed and Plattform Advertising, says Avenue Link was born of the increased opportunities in an increasingly digital world.
The key to Avenue Link’s success? “Bringing in the right talent early on made a huge difference,” he says. “In our eyes, the only way to grow a successful start-up is with good talent.” With a foothold established, the key now is to keep setting new goals and avoid complacency, Roberts says. “We have to treat every year like we are a start-up, with the mindset that failure is not an option. Each new year has its own challenges,
and we treat the entire process as a marathon, not a sprint.”

3. Centric Projects       
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $31,606,199    2010: $1,377,900
Growth: 2,193.79%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 731.26%
Full-time employees:    35
Richard Wetzel, Courtney Kounkel and Steve Swanson left successful careers at prominent contractors to start their own company in 2009—as the construction sector was entering a freefall. But they’re proof that an economy in crisis creates huge, new opportunities:
“We had a notion that a company that had the sophisticated processes and deep relationships of a larger construction company but had a flexible and nimble infrastructure and highly efficient cost structure could be successful through the recession and take market share,” Wetzel says.
“And when the recession ended, it would be poised for rapid growth.”
Year One was tough, but once Centric started bagging high-profile projects against established competitors, Wetzel says, “we knew we could compete.” The keys, he said, were corporate culture, on-site accountability at their projects, effective use of mobile and cloud-based technology, and an open, highly collaborative workplace. “They were born out of both inspiration and necessity,” he said.

4. Security Benefit Life Insurance    
4th year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $7,007,000,000    2010: $950,000,000
Growth: 637.58%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 212.53%
Full-time employees:    860
Last year, officials at Security Benefit Life Insurance—already riding a growth rocket that made them No. 4 on last year’s CR100— anticipated that statutory revenues could hit $6.5 billion for 2013. Even they didn’t anticipate the boom that was coming, for another spectacular year pushed the revenues of this Topeka company up by 75 percent and past the $7 billion threshold. And that allowed the company to retain that No. 4 slot this year. Among the capital city’s biggest private employers, Security Benefit Life Insurance traces its roots to 1892, and it began introducing retirement products in the 1960s. But not until Michael Kiley became CEO in 2011 did it put a spark to the growth powder keg. Under Kiley’s leadership, the company began to broaden its product lines and aggressively reach out to the Baby Boom market. Security Benefit serves customers in all 50 states and partners with 27,000 licensed and appointed financial planners and representatives with a network of 700 broker/dealers nationwide.

5. The Logistics Store        
2nd year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $11,313,959    2010: $1,538,172
Growth: 635.55%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 211.85%
Full-time employees:    12
Last year’s No. 1 is back in the Top 10 this year, still ringing up impressive numbers in Kansas City’s ever-expanding logistics sector. CEO Marti Gooch attributes that to corporate clients who continue to seek out full-service providers capable of managing multiple aspects of their supply chain. “We have continued to expand our services and expertise to meet these needs,” he said. “As capacity continues to tighten, being more aware of company objectives and expectations is imperative. Customers do not like surprises in this area and our focus is to be sure we understand their needs.” New services, including software solutions, have fueled growth with both the existing accounts and new clients, he said, and the company is expanding into new markets. Current conditions suggest more of the same: “We see e-Commerce continuing to grow and see us continuing to grow in this area,” Gooch said. “Our small-package technology as well as focus on warehousing and fulfillment position us well to bring value to those in this sector.”

6. Sporting Kansas City        
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $24,000,000    2010: $3,500,000
Growth: 585.71%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 195.24%
Full-time employees:    103
Take note: The success of Sporting Kansas City is based on growth through 2013—before the nation sat up and took note of its soccer prowess with the FIFA world championship tournament in Brazil earlier this month. The U.S. team’s performance there will do little to dampen interest in the sport, where Kansas City’s professional franchise has carved out a reputation not just for on-field excellence, but for creating one of the best fan experiences available in any sport. Attendance continues to rise at Sporting Park, the $200 million, state-of-the-art stadium in western Wyandotte County’s Village West development, and it’s likely to surge even more this year—Sporting took home major-league soccer’s championship, the MLS Cup, with a 7-6 decision on penalties after a 1-1 regular-session tie with Real Salt Lake last December. Robb Heineman is the CEO of the club, purchased from the late Lamar Hunt by a group that included Heineman, Pat Curran and Greg Maday, and Cerner co-founders Cliff Illig and Neal Patterson.

7. Lambie Custom Homes        
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $17,403,117    2010: $2,696,802
Growth: 545.32%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 181.77%
Full-time employees:    9
Jim Lambie didn’t wait to get out of college to start his company:
He founded Lambie Custom Homes in 1978, when he was still a student at Kanas State. “I felt that there was a great opportunity in the Kansas City market place for new homes,” he recalls, and with a little help from the legendary banker Frank Morgan, Lambie secured his first business loan. “I started the company with one speculative home, which I did all the trim myself,” he says. “I trimmed for two other builders at the time and also did remodeling.” But the first home sold quickly, he pre-sold several others and soon, “word of mouth and referrals quickly grew.” After weathering the construction downturn that set in after 2009, Lambie was poised to capture business in the niche for high-quality homes. Now, he’s looking at the way demographics are driving changes in the business to stoke the next growth phase: “There is a large demand for affordable housing and move-down or ‘right sizing’ and maintenance-free homes,” he says. “We also have seen a demand for handicap-accessible homes, which are hard to find.”

8. FoodLinks                
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $9,483,724    2010: $1,709,662
Growth: 454.71%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 151.57%
Full-time employees:    7
The issues connected to what Norman Haas calls hyper-growth—not all of which are a joy to deal with—have created in him something of an insatiable appetite. Which may be a good thing, considering his line of work. Nearly a quarter-century ago, in the 1991 Corporate Report 100, Haas first graced this lineup as CEO of a company called Continental Food Corp., and kept it there through 1993, later selling that concern.
And yet, here he is again, as owner of FoodLinks, Inc., the premium food ingredient importer and wholesaler he founded in 2001. FoodLinks has carved out a niche importing and distributing super premium chocolate products from Colombia, Belgium and France. Trust us: You haven’t really experienced a Pavlovian level of drool until you visit the company’s Web site. “Growing at the pace we do seems awesome, but it presents challenges that are unique to hyper growth,” Haas concedes. “But it’s in my DNA to keep going after new businesses.”

9. Fogel-Anderson Construction    
1st year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $32,462,250    2010: $6,020,561
Growth: 439.19%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 168.54%
Full-time employees:    30
Sometimes, you don’t see the knitted-sweater effects of an economy until you start pulling one thread out—and things can get complicated. So when consumer buying patterns started changing with the advent of on-line purchasing, one connecting thread was retail construction. And for a company like Fogel-Anderson Construction Co., that meant pivoting to seize opportunities to diversify its workload. “Everybody in this business has their own little niche,” said Phil Bartolotta, the contracting company’s president. “We kind of changed ours from 80 percent retail to 20 percent, because the retail market slowed so much. We moved from larger retail work and private work to more public work. The retail big-box stores, except for Walmart—nobody is building.” That move has positioned the company for growth in other project types—educational settings, for one. While the improved economy has had a lot to do with the company’s fortunes, “we tightened up and had more opportunities, and with more opportunities comes growth,” Bartolotta said. “We’re hiring more people, and more estimators to bid more work.”

10. Summit Custom Homes        
3rd year
Gross Revenue:        2013: $64,140,287    2010: $12,779,667
Growth: 401.89%        Average Annual Growth Rate: 133.96%
Full-time employees:    32
Fred Delibero saw it coming: “In 2006, we quickly realized that the residential real-estate market was in trouble.” So his team at Summit Custom Homes retooled its plan offerings, focusing more on two-story homes designed for young, upwardly mobile families. “They’re always in the market, even in a downturn, because of life changes including marriage, a new baby, a new job, or a promotion,” he said. And the instincts proved correct, propelling Summit into the CR100 fold last year at No. 11 with 280 percent growth, and into the last Top 10 slot this year at nearly 402 percent. Other keys he cited were ample capitalization, recognition of an emerging market with energy-efficient homes, and an increase in marketing efforts and brand-building. Understanding lenders was helpful, he said, but “along the way, we also became a land investor and developer. We bought a number of distressed, bank-owned single family subdivisions and quickly repositioned them into thriving communities. Later on, we began buying ground and developing our own lots in communities where people want to live, complete with playgrounds, walking trails, pools and other amenities.”

11. Axiom Equities     
Growth: 339.78%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 113.26%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,685,270    2010: $2,657,072    Full-time employees: 36
A real-estate investment advisory firm led by John Emanuels, Ben Kalny and Randy Treas, Axiom Equities works with investors who aren’t looking for get-rich-quick schemes. Rather, it prides itself on working with a client base that understands the challenges of “finding, funding, operating, and ultimately liquidating a real estate investment.”

12. Affinity Group Management     
Growth: 304.51%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 101.50%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $14,040,157    2010: $3,470,928    Full-time employees: 80
Mike Wrenn’s Team at Affinity just keeps getting it done, with its eighth straight appearance on the list. The Northland company specializes in administrative services for insurance clients nationwide. Growth, Wrenn says, has followed the company’s ability to devise a “very simple and effective method for delivering insurance solutions to investors and clients.”

13. Platinum Realty    
Growth: 272.24%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 90.75%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,090,237    2010: $2,979,354    Full-time employees: 10
When he founded his own residential real-estate firm in 2005, Scott DeNeve had a different vision of what would define success at Platinum Realty. He kept the overhead low, plowed the difference into higher commissions, and began attracting talented sales professionals who have the Overland Park company on a triple-digit growth arc for the third straight year.

14. Asset Services         
Growth: 268.02%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 89.34%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,471,671    2010: $399,887    Full-time employees: 18
Many business owners invested heavily in fixed assets, but can they account for all of them? Asset Services specializes in professional physical inventory of fixed assets, personal property and major moveable equipment for organizations in such varied sectors as health care, education, IT, equipment, government and non-profit. Scott Wyckoff is the company’s president.

15. Complete Appliance Protection    
Growth: 258.04%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 86.01%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,835,977    2010: $512,787    Full-time employees: 8
Complete Appliance Protection is making good on its plans to expand across North America, with customers in most every U.S. state and Canadian provinces stretching from Alberta to the Atlantic. Led by Jim Ingram, the company provides insurance for everything from major home systems like those for heating and cooling, down to microwave ovens and wine coolers.

16. Neighbors Construction Co.    
Growth: 255.14%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 85.05%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $78,952,331     2010: $22,231,449     Full-time employees: 54
After riding a wave that saw revenues grow seven-fold between 2004 and 2007, Neighbors Construction Co. ran into the same wall that every general contractor in America hit. But Roger Neighbors and his family went lean, focused on preparing for a rebound, and capitalized on the boom in multi-family housing, along with its work in light commercial construction.

17. Inquest Marketing    
Growth: 225.25%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 75.08%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $13,678,199    2010: $4,205,400    Full-time employees: 31
The PC, the tablet, the laptop, cable TV, radio—we live in an era of information overload. Within that wall of noise, Brian Olson and his team at Inquest Marketing have demonstrated the value in helping companies create customer relationships that drive sales and, maybe just as important, generate the word-of-mouth that is more powerful than all of that other messaging combined.

18. CrossFirst Bank    
Growth: 211.61%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 70.54%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $28,251,000    2010: $9,066,000    Full-time employees: 111
When CrossFirst Bank opened its doors in 2007 as Crosspoint Bank, the hammer’s down-stroke had yet to fall on the U.S. banking sector. Since then, 475 banks have failed nationwide, but CrossFirst has flourished, using a formula for consistent growth that puts trust at the core of every relationship between bank, customer, employee and shareholder. Mike Maddox is president and CEO.

19. Technology Group Solutions    
Growth: 208.43%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 86.29%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $42,794,564    2010: $13,875,000    Full-time employees: 25
There seems to be no slowing down for Lenora Payne and her IT consulting firm, Technology Group Solutions. The firm’s services include sourcing of hardware, software, storage solutions and staffing. Growth, Payne says, comes from securing higher certifications from original equipment manufacturers, and from good, old-fashioned superior customer service.

20. KBP Foods          
Growth: 196.31%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 65.44%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $208,306,000    2010: $70,300,000    Full-time employees: 4,500
It operates more than 250 restaurants in 10 states, under brands like KFC, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and Long John Silver’s. But KBP Foods says the recipe for success is not in a combination of secret herbs and spices—it’s in the people. That means building strong teams, “surrounding yourself with people better than you, and the humility to learn from everyone around you,” the company says.

21. First Mortgage Solutions    
Growth: 194.78%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 64.93%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $3,917,235    2010: $1,328,855    Full-time employees: 35
A year ago, First Mortgage Solutions was a fast-growing company serving a five-state area of the Midwest. Founder Ryan Wiebe
and his team—including 15 lending consultants—are still riding the crest of that fast-growth wave, but have extended the
company’s reach to Washington state and Georgia as it moves from regional company to national in scope.

22. Prieb Homes          
Growth: 192.52%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 64.17%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $26,327,000    2010: $9,000,000    Full-time employees: 14
The company has been around since 1979, riding various waves up and down, but Prieb Homes got on the fast-growth track after a strategic change that provided for a more vertically integrated operation, says President Greg Prieb II, a third-generation builder. The company’s sweet spot is decidedly middle and upper-middle class, with homes in the $180,000-$400,000 range.

23. Wellington          
Growth: 179.78%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.93%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $15,663,197     2010: $5,598,455    Full-time employees: 33
This Overland Park company is a specialist in meetings, special events, incentive programs and marketing campaigns, supporting brands by staging events that connect with corporate audiences. Founders Joan Wells and Jada Hill have built a deep and impressive roster of clients like H&R Block, UMKC and Hallmark locally, and national brands like Verizon Wireless and Ford Motor Co.

24. Finkle | Williams Architecture    
Growth: 179.73%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 59.91%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $2,465,492    2010: $881,383    Full-time employees: 9
Vision and skill are prerequisites, says Greg Finkle, president of Finkle | Williams Architecture, but being a fast-growth firm can entail a measure of luck, too: “We’ve been lucky that the markets we have strength in have been the ones that are recovering the quickest,” he says. The firm designs for retail, commercial, science/technology, industrial, churches and entertainment venues.

25. DEG         
Growth: 173.43%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 57.81%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $18,463,560    2010: $6,752,457    Full-time employees: 116
DEG, which launched in 1999 as Digital Evolution Group, provides digital marketing, commerce and collaboration strategies that change the world for their clients’ flagship brand and organizations. A client roster that includes Purina, Hyatt, Cabela’s and Hallmark attests to that skill. Neal Sharma is the company’s president.

26. Prosperity Network of Advisors    
Growth: 163.97%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 54.66%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $27,258,178    2010: $10,326,157    Full-time employees: 22
Making its debut in Corporate Report 100 is Prosperity Network of Advisors, an overnight success that’s been 25 years in the making since its current president, Paul Ewing, founded the firm. Today, the Overland Park company is the largest independent brokerage firm in Kansas City, with over 119 independent financial advisers.

27. Propio Language Services     
Growth: 160.63%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 53.54%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $2,668,692    2010: $1,023,947     Full-time employees: 10
Half the world’s population speaks at least one of 13 languages, so with more than 200 languages in its translation arsenal, Propio Language Services is poised to handle your translation needs. The work done by this Lenexa company isn’t just for business:
it helps non-English speakers who face legal, medical, personal and financial risk inability to navigate the language barrier.

28. Mid-America Merchandising    
Growth: 156.95%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 52.32%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $18,576,186    2010: $7,229,557    Full-time employees: 32
The nation has more than 21,000 distributors of promotional products, but Mid-America Merchandising is in the top 1 percent of them. Driving growth for this B2B enterprise has been the strategic approach that owners Tom and Carol Barnett have taken by hiring experienced sales professionals and the staff to support them, and investing in IT tools that all need to perform at high levels.

29. JMA Information Technology    
Growth: 138.46%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.21%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $62,000,000    2010: $26,000,000    Full-time employees: 360
JMA Information Technology helps its business clients plan, build and operate their technology systems by aligning their business and IT objectives. How? With unified communications systems, that lets business succeed by allowing employees to benefit from what it calls the 3C’s: connecting, communicating and collaborating. Founder Joe Melookaran is also a certified public accountant.

30. ProPharma Group    
Growth: 137.53%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 45.84%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $35,733,877     2010: $15,044,025    Full-time employees: 187
The Overland Park company provides health-care compliance solutions to the global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. Among those comprehensive services are basic compliance, quality assurance, program and project engagement and validation. Jeff Hargroves is the founding president.

31. AMAI Architecture    
Growth: 131.80%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.93%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,815,000     2010: $783,000     Full-time employees: 10
Further proof that the construction sector and related disciplines are bouncing back: AMAI Architecture, a full-service design firm that offers both architectural and interior design services. Principals Dave Anderson and Mike MacAdam have clients who hail primarily from the retail, hospitality, corporate office, and health-care sectors.

32. VeriShip          
Growth: 130.61%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 43.54%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $4,672,244    2010: $2,026,022    Full-time employees: 39
Capitalizing on multiple service refunds guaranteed by a national shipper for cases of late delivery can be a cumbersome, labor- intensive process. VeriShip addresses that for more than 2,600 clients nationwide, saving them $38.5 million through the first half of 2014 alone with its blend of human capital, technology and depth of data.

33. Batts Communications Services    
Growth: 129.28%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.91%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,881,000    2010: $820,390    Full-time employees: 15
A time-tested strategy for business growth is to identify compatible organizations—competitors, even—and bring them into your fold, expanding your market reach and adding depth and competencies to the roster of products or services you sell. That formula works for Batts Communications Services, where Kyle Batts says acquisition of an IT company was a key growth driver.

34. Hepacart, Inc.          
Growth: 128.42%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.81%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,985,000    2010: $869,000    Full-time employees: 12
The growth trifecta at Merriam-based Hepacart entails emerging markets, new products and evolving standards, says Mark Farnsworth,
director of sales and marketing. The company founded by his father, Herb, specializes in environmental control and infection control systems, dust containment and installation solutions for hospitals and other health-care or high-risk facilities.

35. Taylor Forge Engineered Systems
Growth: 128.07%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.69%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $104,000,000    2010: $45,600,000     Full-time employees: 265
From its inception in 1930, the company that today is Taylor Forge Engineered Systems has been all about pipelines—it designs and builds vessels, components, subassemblies and complete systems for liquid separation and storage. Three Kansas plants fabricate heavy steel plates, pipes, extruded heater headers, pressure vessels, steam drums and heat exchangers.

36. MAG Trucks          
Growth: 128.00%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.67%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,691,346     2010: $3,373,344    Full-time employees: 23
Founders Blake Fulton and Brad Carlson started their company by modifying step vans for delivery vehicles, and have steadily increased the product lines. They refurbish and sell front- and rear-loader trash trucks, along with new and used box trucks, parcel vans, and they have their own direct-lending vehicle-finance operation.

37. Meers Advertising    
Growth: 127.08%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 42.36%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $6,574,686     2010: $2,895,380     Full-time employees: 28
Sam Meers has set out 20 guiding bits of wisdom that frame the world view of his advertising and marketing agency; nuggets like “Be Curious,” “Never Mail It In,” and “Embrace the Weird” tell you why this agency is knocking down big numbers, serving small businesses and other clients in financial services, food and beverage, insurance, non-profits and the green sectors.

38. D&L Transport    
Growth: 125.63%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 47.60%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $26,267,324     2010: $11,641,966    Full-time employees: 54
This transportation brokerage company offers freight brokerage service for truckload, less-than-truckload, specialized and rail intermodal shipments throughout the United States and Canada. Backed by more than 10,000 approved carriers and offering 24/7 customer support, D&L Transport is yet another example of why Kansas City is an emerging force in the logistics sector.

39. Intouch Solutions    
Growth: 125.00%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 41.67%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $67,751,506     2010: $30,111,926     Full-time employees: 460
Faruk Capan’s vision became reality in 1999, with the founding of Intouch Solutions, a marketing company specializing in the pharmaceutical industry. He reached $9.5 million in revenues in just seven years. Since then? He’s added close to that volume almost every year, on average. And that growth means jobs: Intouch plans to hire 350 new workers within the next five years.

40. ECCO Select        
Growth: 124.89%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 41.63%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $21,454,558     2010: $9,539,887     Full-time employees: 106
IT solutions—enterprise resource planning upgrades and implementation, software development, project management, security services and strategic assessments—have made ECCO Select a CR100 regular since its first appearance in 2000. Jeanette Prenger is the CEO of this family-owned company; husband Kevin is vice president and son Darren is director of business development.

41. James Engle Custom Homes    
Growth: 118.60%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 39.53%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $60,901,000    2010: $27,859,000     Full-time employees: 24
James Engle Custom Homes, as another homebuilder in this year’s CR100, shows us that some have managed to recoup the reduced numbers from the construction downturn and forge ahead. The company has built in nearly 30 residential communities across the metro area, with most homes starting at $300,000, but topping out at $1.5 million in Lee’s Summit’s Winterset Valley.

42. Lansing Trade Group    
Growth: 117.51%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 39.17%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $8,848,415,000    2010: $4,068,112,806    Full-time employees: 260
The spectacular growth—in rate and scope—at Lansing Trade Group demands to be noticed. Under CEO Bill Krueger, it also soared to No. 2 on this year’s list of the region’s Top Private Companies by adding nearly $1.6 billion to its annual revenues from 2012 to 2013. Lansing Trade stores, ships and trades grain, feed ingredients, ethanol and natural-gas liquids and provides logistics services.

43. Proforma Promotionally Yours    
Growth: 111.88%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.29%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $4,312,960    2010: $2,035,606    Full-time employees: 4
At Proforma Promotionally Yours, they’re all about brand management: promotional products, printing services, business documents and project management. Whether it’s through ink-on-paper or digital, with on-line services, this small-but-efficient company based in Wyandotte County offers marketing services, enhanced graphic communications, eCommerce solutions and more.

44. Garney Construction    
Growth: 111.83%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.28%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $625,318,469    2010: $295,191,375    Full-time employees: 1,000
The parent, Garney Holding Co., is more popularly known as Garney Construction, the Northland-based water system and wastewater-processing facility builder with a national footprint. The employee-owned company, founded by Charles Garney, moves, stores and treats water in large volumes, serving not just in contracting roles, but as a construction manager.

45. Kansas City Master Co.  
Growth: 111.14%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 37.04%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,603,528     2010: $3,601,204     Full-time employees: 48
Kansas City Master Companies provides foundation repair for commercial and residential properties with piering, mud-jacking and chemical grouting among its specialties. In addition to foundations, it works on sidewalks, pool decks, patios, garage slabs, driveways and other expanses ravaged by settling and time. David Frey is chief executive of this Grandview company.

46. SFP          
Growth: 110.65%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.88%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $75,346,175     2010: $35,768,623    Full-time employees: 65
A former No. 1 on the CR100, SFP makes its final appearance on this list of locally owned companies; like many high-growth companies, it has been sold. SFP’s products make more effective use of nitrogen and phosphorus on the farm, which increases yields and decreases runoff into streams, rivers and lakes. Another product helps turn volatile animal waste into key plant nutrients.

47. Burns & McDonnell    
Growth: 109.09%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 36.36%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $2,300,000,000     2010: $1,100,000,000     Full-time employees: 3,425
Big increases on big baselines are hard to achieve, but here comes Burns & McDonnell, growing fast and further cementing Kansas City’s place in the pantheon of engineering acumen. CEO Greg Graves and area luminaries took ceremonial shovels in hand last month to break ground on a $139.5 million expansion that will add 1,400 more employees at its headquarters in south Kansas City.

48. Pivot International    
Growth: 105.26%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 35.09%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,950,000     2010: $5,822,000     Full-time employees: 64
A 42-year-old leader in product development and manufacturing, Pivot International is a Lenexa company that specializes in
electrical and mechanical engineering, software and industrial design, data, project and supply-chain management, regulatory compliance and other services that support the nation’s manufacturing sector. Mark Dohnalek is the president and CEO.

49. Universal Construction    
Growth: 104.87%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 34.96%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $138,080,000     2010: $67,400,000    Full-time employees: 24
Universal Construction is a fifth-generation company, founded by Archie Smith, Sr. in 1887. The company based in Lenexa is still run by his heirs, providing construction management, contracting and pre-construction services, much of it in large-scale settings
for educational institutions, hospitals and correctional facilities.

50. McCray Lumber    
Growth: 102.58%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 34.19%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $86,500,000    2010: $42,700,000     Full-time employees: 185
With the residential construction sector refilling the work-flow pipeline, the suppliers are going to get drawn in, as well.
McCray Lumber is capitalizing on that with lumber and millwork, decking supplies, window systems and other construction
fundamentals. The company has five Kansas locations and another in Liberty, and is run by CEO Chandler McCray.

51. Salva O’Renick    
Growth: 100.56%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 33.52%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $4,324,000    2010: $2,156,000     Full-time employees: 30
Based in Kansas City’s Crossroads district, Salva O’Renick is an interactive content marketing agency that focuses on financial-services and life-sciences organizations. It was founded by lifelong buddies Dan Salva and Mark O’Renick, and in addition to
marketing services, it provides business analysis and strategic counseling, digital programing and content development.

52. Suhor Industries   
Growth: 98.47%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.82%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $143,000,000     2010: $72,052,000     Full-time employees: 616
Joe Suhor, an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in 2013, has built this company from a specialist in burial vaults into a diversified group of companies that also deal in construction precast concrete, monuments, retaining wall and wastewater systems, storm shelters and architectural precast products.

53. Warrensburg Collision    
Growth: 98.15%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.72%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,467,623     2010: $740,651     Full-time employees: 12
Still mystified by what social media can do for your business? Ask Casey Lund, who has used the digital megaphone to get the
word out about Warrensburg Collision. With that marketing edge, plus lean-concept practices and a team-based work environment for its 12 employees, the company doubled its revenues in less than 24 months.

54. LeaderOne Financial Corp.   
Growth: 97.56%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 32.52%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $53,669,896     2010: $27,167,012     Full-time employees: 321
Under A.W. Pickel’s leadership, this Overland Park mortgage banker has seen its growth exceed the rate of recovery in the housing sector, doubling its top line since 2010. With more than 300 employees, he’s come a long way since founding the company as a one-man shop in 1992, and the company is now licensed to do business in more than 30 states from coast to coast.

55. Berkel & Co. Contractors    
Growth: 95.64%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.88%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $228,871,304     2010: $116,988,752     Full-time employees: 650
The heavy contracting community lost a giant in 2013 with the death of Berkel & Co.’s founder, Charles Berkel. He started
the Bonner Springs-based company in 1959, and built it into a national player in specialty work for large-scale projects—
including stadiums, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center site—in what’s known as the deep-foundation industry.

56. BalancePoint Companies    
Growth: 95.09%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.70%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $18,223,894     2010: $9,341,154    Full-time employees: 273
The recipe for fast growth at BalancePoint is its blend of services in three practice areas: health-care IT and business project and staffing services, plus leadership and strategic services. The firm has been on a revenue rocket for the better part of five years, under the leadership of principals Jacquie Morgan, Michael Sommers and Scott Lippert.

57. EPIQ Systems         
Growth: 95.04%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.68%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $482,083,112     2010: $247,166,228     Full-time employees: 1,028
A publicly traded company based in Kansas City, Kan., EPIQ Systems specializes in systems that manage the voluminous
documents that underpin legal systems in the U.S. and abroad. Its management areas include electronic discovery, bankruptcy cases and class-action lawsuits. Tom Olofson is the chief executive.

58. Rodrock Homes    
Growth: 94.57%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.52%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $46,760,643     2010: $24,032,680    Full-time employees: 19
If you throw a rock in Johnson County, there’s a good chance you’ll break a window on a home built by a Rodrock. Brian Rodrock is the CEO of this branch, which sprouted in 2002. Since then, Rodrock Homes has built custom homes throughout the county,
in 14 residential communities, and has consistently been among the top builders in the region.

59. Retirement Planning Group   
Growth: 94.25%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.42%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $3,918,000    2010: $2,017,000     Full-time employees: 11
The founders of Retirement Planning Group are all former stock brokerage professionals who decided that there was a better way to serve the interests of the investors. So they created this independent advisory services as a better path to clients’ financial goals. Chris Costello is the chief executive of this Overland Park-based firm, which also operates in the St. Louis market.

60. Tricension         
Growth: 93.83%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 31.28%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $1,515,000    2010: $781,617    Full-time employees: 16
With a focus on consumers and companies in the health-care and finance sectors, Tricension was launched in 2008 by
Mike Lammers and Scott Thompson, career  IT professionals. The Crossroads-based company provides systems that help clients with customer-relationship management needs, enterprise content management and business intelligence.

61. Peoples Bank          
Growth: 92.59%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 30.86%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $76,019,000    2010: $39,472,000     Full-time employees: 583
Chartered in 1871 in Ottawa, Kan., Peoples Bank is one of the oldest in the state. In 1974, lawyer/rancher/entrepreneur/legislator Wint Winter, Sr., bought the bank, and it’s been operated by the Winter family since. His son, Wint Winter, Jr., a lawyer who followed his father into the Kansas Senate, runs the bank today, and it has grown to 35 locations in nine states.

62. Midway Ford Truck Center    
Growth: 89.89%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.95%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $363,678,587     2010: $191,515,908    Full-time employees: 243
Midway Ford Truck Center has served customers nationwide for more than 50 years, adding brands like Western Star, Fuso and Auto Cap to the lineup of new vehicles, plus used trucks of all makes. This Northland company, employee-owned since 1982, also has full service and a collision-repair section, a Freightliner operation in Palmyra, Mo., and a parts/service location in Quincy, Ill.

63. Team Drive-Away    
Growth: 89.04%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.68%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $17,707,408     2010: $9,366,864     Full-time employees: 26
For more than 40 years, and with a service territory that spans North America, Team Drive-Away has provided transportation services for the heavy lifters of transportation—trucks. It offers single-truck moving services, decks and booms for moving multiple vehicles, specialty moves for things like fire trucks or buses, and port delivery for overseas destinations. James Marmon is the CEO.

64. FishNet Security     
Growth: 88.31%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 29.44%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $595,664,000     2010: $316,319,000    Full-time employees: 675
Since its inception in 1996, FishNet Security has grown to become the largest provider of information security solutions in North America. Led by CEO Rich Fennessy, the company offers technology, consulting, training and managed security services that
help customers reduce risk, maintain compliance and improve the efficiency of their businesses.

65. Centrinex         
Growth: 84.52%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 28.17%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $13,803,357     2010: $7,480,803     Full-time employees: 273
When your clients grow, you grow. That’s been part of the long-term success at Centrinex, the Lenexa-based company that offers call-center services. The growing needs of existing customers, plus new clients, has CEO Bart Miller’s company back on the CR100 with revenues that have nearly doubled since 2010.

66. WireCo WorldGroup    
Growth: 83.61%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 27.87%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $822,000,000     2010: $447,678,000     Full-time employees: 4,300
This 83-year-old Northland company produces wire rope, synthetic rope, wire, synthetic yarns, electromechanical cable engineered products and netting products. Chris Ayers succeeded Ira Glazer as CEO in mid-2013, and has already steered the company through the acquisition of Endenburg B.V., in the Netherlands.

67. Netsmart Technologies    
Growth: 77.73%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.91%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $156,400,000     2010: $88,000,000     Full-time employees: 738
In 1968, Intel Corp. was founded, Hewlett Packard began marketing the first mass-produced personal computer—and Netsmart Technologies was launched. That makes Netsmart, which specializes in health-care software, an IT legacy firm. It has more than 23,000 client organizations nationwide. Mike Valentine is the chief executive.

68. City Wide Maintenance    
Growth: 77.21%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.74%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $94,871,235     2010: $53,535,053     Full-time employees: 450
The small janitorial services firm founded by Frank Oddo in 1961 has grown into a nationwide, franchised system of building maintenance services, and the reins have passed to his son, Jeff Oddo. But the growth continues for this Lenexa company,
driven by new franchise locations and new sales initiatives.

69. MIQ Logistics         
Growth: 75.74%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.25%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $536,000,000    2010: $305,000,000    Full-time employees: 1,400
MIQ Logistics serves a global client roster in such diverse sectors as mining, energy, manufacturing, retail, apparel, and consumer electronics and products. Its range of supply-chain related services includes international freight, project logistics, customs brokerage, global trade management, transportation management and truckload services, and distribution and warehousing services.

70. MedTrak Services    
Growth: 75.59%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 25.20%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $327,685,161     2010: $186,616,002     Full-time employees: 93
Growth continues to come in eight-figure chunks for this Overland Park company that provides pharmaceutical-benefit management services. In recent years, it supplemented that core line of business with Tria Health, an offshoot focusing on medication therapy management, and Hospice Rx, serving organizations dealing with end-of-life issues with drug-management options.

71. TitanBuilt         
Growth: 71.17%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.72%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $68,469,913     2010: $40,000,000     Full-time employees: 26
TitanBuilt is a multifaceted Olathe construction company that works in everything from hotels and sporting venues to office
buildings, schools, parking garages and police facilities. Its services include preconstruction, construction management, design-bid-build and sustainable design and construction. Scott Vath is president of this successor company to Titan Construction. 

72. Lynxspring         
Growth: 70.78%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 23.59%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $10,930,000     2010: $6,400,000     Full-time employees: 28
Lynxspring brings buildings to life with its Internet-based systems that control automated functions—for security, energy management, protection from cyber threats, and more. Officials attribute continued growth to higher level marketing efforts, plus development and release of new products, including big-data management services. Terry Swope is the CEO of this Lee’s Summit company.

73. Torotel Products    
Growth: 68.97%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.99%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,980,737    2010: $7,090,595     Full-time employees: 150
Whether it’s underground, at sea and in space, you can find the footprint of Torotel Products, which designs and manufactures custom magnetics for aerospace, defense and industrial uses. Since its founding by Dale Sizemore in his garage in 1956, it has turned out more than 33,000 custom magnetic components. The founder’ son, Herb Sizemore, is the chief executive.

74. Barlett & West    
Growth: 68.05%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.68%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $65,872,000     2010: $39,198,000     Full-time employees: 305
This employee-owned, full-service engineering firm in Topeka has 12 locations throughout the heart of the country, and performs work across a wide range of engineering disciplines: energy, rail, highways, structural engineering, wastewater systems and water-treatment plants. It also offers architectural and design and surveying services, along with strategic planning.

75. Gragg Advertising, Inc.    
Growth: 67.49%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 22.50%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $41,849,630    2010: $24,986,421     Full-time employees: 62
Gragg Advertising is a River Market company specializing in digital outreach and analytics. Its service areas include brand management and data-driven marketing initiatives, media services, compliance services and research, many of which are built on proprietary software and platforms. Gregory Gragg, the CEO, is the company’s founder.

76. Select Brands          
Growth: 63.89%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.30%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $133,117,000     2010: $81,223,000     Full-time employees: 22
From blenders to waffle irons, sandwich makers to crockpots, there’s a good chance you’ve got a Select Brands product in your kitchen. The company, based in Lenexa, sells and distributes small kitchen appliances—lots of them—under five house brands and through various private label brands. William Endres is the chief executive of this family-owned company.

77. PM Contracting   
Growth: 63.56%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.19%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,069,550     2010: $6,767,793     Full-time employees: 35
Not long after launching PM Contracting as a pipefitting specialist, Paul Pfannenstiel started making the moves to branch out.
He acquired a sheet-metal company, then added  a round-the-clock service department. Today, the company offers complete HVAC services, sheet-metal work, pipefitting, design/build and project management skills, specialty welding, among others.

78. Truckmovers.com    
Growth: 63.29%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 21.10%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $143,388,932     2010: $87,813,823     Full-time employees: 438
Back in 1983, nobody short of a Dick Tracy fan could have envisioned the impact of technology on an industry like truck-relocation services. Truckmovers.com has turned tech to its advantage, billing itself as the nation’s only drive-away company with 24-hour GPS tracking. It transports used trucks and new ones, right off the factory floor, one at a time or by fleets of thousands.

79. Jones Huyett Partners    
Growth: 62.86%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.95%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,779,024    2010: $4,776,578    Full-time employees: 25
The biggest names in business in Topeka turn to Jones Huyett Partners, launched by Gary Jones as a one-man agency back in 1987. Nearly three decades later, with two dozen on the staff, it counts among its diverse client base the Kansas Legislature and various Cabinet departments, Washburn University, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas, Stormont-Vail HealthCare and CoreFirst Bank.

80. Boyer & Corporon Wealth Management
Growth: 62.74%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.91%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $2,826,614     2010: $1,736,920    Full-time employees: 10
Mindy Corporon and Richard Boyer formed a strong investment advisory team for years with big-name firms then decided to
head out on their own in 2007. Since then, Boyer & Corporon has soared to more than $345 million in assets under management, by both increasing the value of clients assets, and bringing new investors into the fold.

81. ETC Institute         
Growth: 61.81%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.60%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,842,328    2010: $4,846,597     Full-time employees: 75
Elaine Tatham started as a one-woman shop in 1992, setting up ETC Institute to help local governments make data-driven community-planning decisions, based on input from residents of those communities through surveys, focus groups and stakeholder meetings. Now nationwide, it has client research projects spanning 46 states, and more than 1 million people surveyed since 1988.

82. Chris George Homes    
Growth: 61.30%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.43%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $10,010,657    2010: $6,206,141    Full-time employees: 5
There are two Chris Georges behind the story of Chris George Custom Homes: the founder, Chris Sr., and his son, who took over the commercial-residential contracting company in 1976 and sharpened the focus on residential. Good call: Between the end of that decade and 2010, the county’s population doubled to 544,000, and the company has built more than 1,500 homes.

83. MGP Ingredients   
Growth: 60.03%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 20.01%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $323,264,000    2010: $202,000,000    Full-time employees: DD
This public company based in Atchison is a leading producer of grain-based ingredients and distillery products and ships them
to food manufacturing settings across the nation and internationally. Being in the wheat capital of America, its principal products are wheat proteins and starches and high-quality alcohols, both food-grade and fuel-grade.

84. Black & Veatch    
Growth: 58.88%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.63%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $3,600,000,000     2010: $2,265,844,000     Full-time employees: 9,027
The global demand for infrastructure—power plants and distribution systems, water treatment facilities, telecommunications
networks, bridges, dams and more—has made Kansas City’s largest engineering firm a fast-growing company, as well. Now under the direction of CEO Steven Edwards, the Overland Park-based firm is preparing to celebrate its centennial in 2015.

85. Phenix Label          
Growth: 58.86%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.62%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $27,800,000    2010: $17,500,000     Full-time employees: 120
Among the oldest companies on this year’s CR100, Phenix label started in 1896 with simple label production. Today, it has a
nationwide footprint in production of not just labels, but packaging products, labeling equipment, design services and more.
Hans Peter, just the third president in the company’s 118 years, says new products and services are driving the continued growth.

86. DuraComm Corp.  
Growth: 58.26%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.42%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $6,447,039    2010: $4,073,715    Full-time employees: 19
If it deals with power transmission, you’ll probably find it among the power supplies, converters, power distribution systems, wind
generators and other products sold by this Kansas City company. Under the direction of CEO Benny Lee, a native of Taiwan, DuraComm has grown both its domestic and international business with both off-the-shelf products and custom design and fabrication.

87. Regal Distributing    
Growth: 58.23%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.41%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $46,500,000      2010: $29,387,813    Full-time employees: 50
Over the course of a year, you probably come into contact with Regal Distributing more than any other company, without even realizing it: It sells packaging products (carry-out containers, napkins, straws, etc.) for restaurants, coffee shops, grocery stores, food processors and others with high-volume packaging needs. It also distributes building-services products, and LED lighting products.

88. SSC (Selective Site Consultants)    
Growth: 57.85%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.28%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $14,279,282    2010: $9,046,174     Full-time employees: 96
This Overland Park company is categorized as an engineering firm, but offers a lot more than engineering services, including
site acquisition, architecture, permitting and zoning administration and program management. Jim Steele is founding principal
of the firm, which was launched in 1997 and has since added offices in St. Louis, Omaha, Minneapolis, Houston and Denver.

89. Coleman Industrial Construction   
Growth: 57.81%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 19.27%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,325,640     2010: $4,642,152     Full-time employees: 26
Coleman Industrial Construction, based in North Kansas City, provides locomotive servicing facilities to major railroads. That includes pollution-control systems, equipment setting, fuel-support systems and other infrastructure that supports operations
of a vital and growing distribution sector in this region. Stephanie Freeman is the company’s president.

90. Seaboard Corp.    
Growth: 56.52%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.84%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $6,670,414,000     2010: $4,261,670,000    Full-time employees: 23,000
One of the major agribusiness players that distinguish the Kansas City market in that sector is this publicly traded company that
has long specialized in pork processing. But it also has built diversified lines of business with a strong presence in poultry (it owns
the Butterball brand), sugar and jalapeno production, marine shipping and power generation in Central America.

91. Butler National    
Growth: 56.03%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.68%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $50,829,000     2010: $32,577,000    Full-time employees: 100
Best-known for its work in the aerospace field, Butler National Corp. supplies parts and avionics to aircraft manufacturers and defense contractors for planes, helicopters and weapons systems. But the company has varied holdings that include management services for the gaming industry, and a separate architectural division. Clark Stewart is president and CEO.

92. National Advisors Trust Co.    
Growth: 55.67%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.56%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $7,665,000    2010: $4,924,000    Full-time employees: 51
This Overland Park financial services firm is a nationally chartered trust company, and among the largest independent trust companies in the country. Led by Jim Combs as president and CEO, National Advisors offers trust oversight, custodial services in securities management, retirement planning tools and traditional banking services.

93. Executive Airshare    
Growth: 55.40%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.47%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $71,811,508    2010: $46,211,971     Full-time employees: 145
Most businesses don’t have the resources of a Fortune 100 company, but that’s no reason to forgo the advantages of jet ownership, especially if you only need one for a few days a year. Executive Airshare fills that gap by offering all the benefits of flying at a
fraction of the cost. It offers not just planes, but hangar space, insurance, maintenance and professional flight crews.

94. NIC, Inc.         
Growth: 54.32%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 18.11%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $249,279,000    2010: $161,534,000    Full-time employees: 784
Had former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius called on her home-state’s best-known government Web site builder in 2010, maybe signing up on an insurance exchange would have been a snap in 2013. NIC, Inc., under CEO Harry Herington, has set up thousands of government Web sites at all levels—including those with complex e-commerce functions.

95. Cable-Dahmer Automotive Group 
Growth: 53.67%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 17.89%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $255,527,266     2010: $166,279,508.00     Full-time employees: 274
Tracing its history back to the days when Cadillacs had fins, Cable-Dahmer Automotive Group is owned by Carlos Ledezma, a former salesman for the group of dealerships. Since acquiring the venerable Miracle Mile flagship from founder Jerry Dahmer, Ledezma has made strategic acquisitions that have extended his reach around the Missouri side of the metropolitan area.

96. Barlett and Company    
Growth: 53.33%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 17.78%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $2,300,000,000    2010: $1,500,000,000    Full-time employees: 750
More than a century old and still family-owned, Bartlett and Company is one of the largest private companies in the nation.
It primarily deals with grain merchandising, shipping, flour milling and feed manufacturing on the grain side, and in cattle feeding in 11 states, primarily in the Midwest and Southeast, and in Mexico.

97. Challenger Teamwear    
Growth: 51.97%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 17.32%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $11,156,649     2010: $7,341,456    Full-time employees: 40
The fledgling romance between U.S. sports fan and the game of soccer will likely do wonders for Challenger Teamwear, which
is all about that sport. The Lenexa company sells apparel and equipment for soccer teams, and says its affordable products,
along with outstanding service, have helped keep sales on a fast-growth track.

98. Van Tuyl Group    
Growth: 51.56%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 17.19%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $8,204,795,000    2010: $5,413,464,788     Full-time employees: 9,252
One of the region’s largest private companies is also pulling down big numbers in car sales and consulting services, with operations in Kansas, plus sites in Texas and Arizona. Founded by the late Cecil Van Tuyl and run today by his son, Larry, the company consults with nearly 70 independently operated dealerships nationwide.

99. D.H. Pace         
Growth: 50.15%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 16.72%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $258,000,000     2010: $171,827,430     Full-time employees: 950
Now headquartered in Olathe, this company has been all about doors for nearly 90 years—home, office or industrial. But it
has expanded its reach by embracing the affiliated technologies—access control systems, video surveillance and alarm services. Growth has also come through acquisitions and expansion in to new geographic markets.

100. Elecsys Corp.         
Growth: 48.96%    Average Annual Growth Rate: 16.32%
Gross Revenue:    2013: $25,364,808     2010: $17,027,617     Full-time employees: 134
This Olathe company provides innovative machine-to-machine communications technology solutions, data acquisition and management systems, and custom electronic equipment for critical industrial applications. Growth has followed as Elecsys has rolled out new products and services along with an expanded customer base and ventures into new markets. Karl Gemperli is the CEO.