Ingram's Magazine: November 2018

November 2018: Digital Edition

Not only is this the Ingram's Magazine Logistics and Warehousing edition, but it also includes our 2018 WeKC feature, spotlighting ten incredible female leaders who are values-driven and success-oriented. Check it out here:{%22issue_id%22:543282,%22page%22:0}.   more

WeKC 2018: Women Executives-Kansas City

A great many analyses of business success focus on vision, and how this executive or that one draws on it to chart a course for both personal and organizational success. Perhaps it’s worth spending more time considering not just the…more

Commercial Real Estate Outlook Report on Logistics

The business infrastructure of Kansas City has changed in important ways over the past decade, but few sectors rival the kind of growth we’ve experienced as a national center for logistics, warehousing and distribution. Redefined as a marketplace for bulk…more

Kansas City Just Keeps on Truckin’

When the last lines of Kansas City’s logistics history are written, it’s likely that a pivotal chapter will focus on the year 2013. In March of that year, an upstart commercial realty firm founded just months earlier, NorthPoint Development, secured…more

Saluting Kansas City’s Business Elite

As power-player gatherings go, you won’t find many that will be packed with more influence than the crowd that gathered Nov. 1 at Creative Planning’s sparkling new headquarters complex in Overland Park. There, members of the 2018  Ingram’s 250 convened…more

Q&A With Chris Giuliani

Q: So let’s just start with the basics, what exactly does Spring Venture Group do? A: Spring Venture Group is a holding company. Spring owns three different insurance agencies, and the insurance agencies are focused on senior health. We have…more

Breaking the Cycle of Financial Abdication

I will never forget the day my father died. It was Dec. 30, 2002 at 8:30 a.m. An undetected condition resulting in aortic dissection claimed his life at age 66. He was less than two years into retirement. It was…more

Talent? We Have It. We Just Need to Connect the Dots.

So you think this is a tough climate for finding the right talent at your business, do you? Well, you’re not alone: The National Federation of Small Business tell us that in September, a record 38 percent of business owners…more

Connecting the Labor Dots

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in October, for instance, that a record number of Americans were employed: 165 million of us. That agency’s data tracking shows that nearly 2.8 million jobs had been added to the work force in…more

Aligning Interests “Bet-the-Company” Cases

Most companies at some point in their development will face a legal challenge that will likely shape the future of their business. High-stakes, “bet-the-company” cases threaten the existence of a business; these conflicts can jeopardize core products, core relationships or…more

Time to Dust Off Some Strategies for Rising Rates

Late last month, the Federal Reserve increased the Fed Funds rate for the third time this year, another reminder that the era of near-zero percent interest rates is history. While higher interest rates can lead to bigger bills for those…more

What’s in It for Business?

To the extent the wave showed up in the two-state area, it made landfallin the 3rd congressional district, wherevoters ousted four-term incumbentRepublican Kevin Yoder in favor ofnewcomer Sharice Davids. And on a statewide basis, it swept Democrat Laura Kelly into…more