Ingram's Magazine: April 2022

Ingram’s April 2022 Digital Edition

See Ingram's April 2022 digital edition, including the 24th class of 40 Under Forty, here.      more

Ingram’s 40 Under Forty Class of 2022

Lauren Bascue   The case for Lauren Bascue’s spot in this year’s class isn’t made with an argument: It’s made with numbers. Since the beginning of 2020, when she became director of business development at ECCO Select, she led the largest…more

Leadership Lessons After Age 40

First, congratulations to the Ingram's 40 Under Forty Class of 2022! What a stellar group of executives, professionals, and community leaders! I know our city and beyond are in your very capable hands now and into the future.   Reading…more

How to Help Your Children Understand Investing

Conversations around saving and investing can ultimately better prepare your kids for financial success and be better equipped to handle their own money challenges. As business owners and industry leaders, you have a unique opportunity to share your own financial…more

Chalk Up Another: Jayhawks Secure Fourth NCAA Tourney Title

When you’re the head coach of a dynastic college basketball program, just about every move you make is going to be under a microscope. Peering through the eyepiece are innumerable alumni, millions of television viewers, campus administrators, and the know-it-alls…more

What’s at Stake for Investors as Ukraine Burns?

More than a month after Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, with markets rocked around the world; it’s natural for investors already deciphering the impacts of inflation and higher interest rates to ask: What happens to the investment landscape under the…more

Businesses Must Respond to Rising Inflation. Here’s How.

During periods of rising inflation, business owners likely face growing operating expenses as they pay more for labor, raw materials, and other supplies. Because inflation reflects a decrease in overall purchasing power, they might experience a decline in sales because…more