Ingram's Magazine: August 2022 and Destination Missouri 2022 - Your Guide to Investing in Missouri

Ingram’s August 2022/Destination Missouri Digital Edition

Ingram's August 2022/Destination Missouri Digital Edition    more

50 Missourians You Should Know

Across nearly 70,000 square miles, more than 6 million people call Missouri home. Deeply diverse in culture, even harkening back to the Old South in some parts, they comprise a fascinating study in what makes a state tick. Bankers, educators,…more

Top 25 Brands in Missouri

Any good marketing executive will tell you that a logo isn’t a brand. Brand stands for so much more—the quality of a company’s product or service, the way customers are treated, the overall shopping experience. For starters. So not long…more

Welcome to Missouri

The law of averages breaks down on the west bank of the Mississippi River, where the industrial Midwest transitions into the agricultural Midwest and 69,715 square miles of the thriving state we call Missouri: • With 6.124 million residents, the…more

Missouri on the Move

Executives across the nation who are tasked with directing their companies’ next strategic choices for distribution would be well-advised to study Missouri and think twice before looking elsewhere on the map. What should have the Show-Me State top of mind…more

Missouri Sports:

There is a good argument to be made that the Show-Me State is indeed demonstrating a power flex with the growing appeal and influence in the sport that—by a wide margin—draws more fans than any other. On four continents—Europe, South…more

Missouri’s Innovation Ecosystem

Innovation, broadly understood, might be a little too broad to describe as an attribute that helps define a state. But if you don’t try to eat the elephant at once, and instead look at individual bites, it soon becomes clear…more

Transportation and Infrastructure

We’d all still be eating fish and chips and drinking warm beer if the lanterns that touched off Paul Revere’s ride had to be hoisted in 21st-century Missouri rather than 18th-century Boston. That midnight ride would have to start with…more

Cost of Living

In almost any other year, the challenge of addressing cost-of-living factors in Missouri is to maintain a sense of humility and not appear boastful.  Consider the Show-Me State humbled. Long a redoubt against the soaring costs that have been standard-issue…more

Real-Estate Values

Powerful forces have been at work to propel American property values, home-building, and home-buying to levels unmatched since 2006, before the onset of the Great Recession. The question in 2022 is: Will a hard crash come again? Soaring interest rates,…more

Education and the Workforce

When more than 313,400 young Missourians and imports from out of state had to make a selection for their college education, the choices weren’t always easy: Public four-year college? The state has 13 of them anchored by the four-campus University…more

A Productive Work Force

Missouri has long been known for boasting a workforce with a nearly unmatched work ethic. When employers today say they wish they could see more of that attribute, it’s not because employees aren’t bringing it with them each day. It’s…more

Business Climate and Economic Conditions

As 2022 passes the halfway mark, angry clouds gather over America’s econ-omy. Most everywhere one looks are metrics that say the storm is coming. The Dow Jones Industrial Average? Down 10 percent since Jan. 1. Interest rates? Jacked three-quarters of…more

Leading Industries

Two Missouri companies—more specifically, a pair of investor-owned Kansas City companies—made national financial headlines last year by acquiring new owners: Cerner Corp., the largest employer in that market, and Kansas City Southern Railroad, the nation’s smallest Class I rail system,…more

Hospitality and Tourism

It’s rolling pastureland and big-city chic. It’s full-throttle on the water and the finest in performing and visual arts. It’s the Great Outdoors and stepping into architectural wonders. All of it wrapped up in four distinct seasons that will appeal…more

Healthcare and Community Services

For a state with 6.12 million residents—less than 2 percent of the nation’s population—Missouri has top-tier systems that provide patient care, research that drives innovation in the treatment of disease, and highly regarded medical professionals across the spectrum of care.…more

Entertainment and Culture

When you think about the kinds of cultural attractions that serve a diverse population of more than 6 million people, it’s easy to think first of what the big cities have to offer. But set aside, for a moment, the…more

Quality of Life

Can you calculate a state’s quality of life? Probably not. Not in precise mathematical terms, anyway. But what about alphabetical? That’s where Missouri has the whole package, from A to Z. Take a look: Affordability. Covered in various places throughout…more

This Rock Is a Jewel

Under the right conditions, the earth will form precious stones like diamonds, rubies in sapphires in processes that run millions, even billions of years. It took the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help produce the gem that we know…more