Ingram's Magazine: December 2017

A Candid Self-Appraisal on Non-Profits in Kansas City

Maybe it’s technology, demographics or a market saturdated with charitable organizations; maybe it’s as easily explained as donor fatigue. Or, perhaps, a more complex blend of those factors and more. But there are growing indications for some non-profits that fund-raising…more

Giants of Kansas City Giving Turn Out for Ingram’s Philanthropy Awards

It wasn’t history in the making, exactly, but it was impossible to miss the historical overtones as Ingram’s recognized two legends of business in Kansas City with its inaugural Philanthropist of the Year awards. The presentation of those awards, in…more

Philanthropist of the Year: Henry Bloch

Philanthropist of the Year Henry Bloch Henry Bloch (left) and his daughters Liz Uhlmann and Mary Jo Brown enjoy the Philanthropy Awards Luncheon.    When you try to add up the billions in revenues that H&R Block has generated over…more

Philanthropist of the Year: Bill Dunn Sr.

Bill Dunn is living testament that giving isn’t just an act of fiscal charity— it’s a way of life, one that encompasses business leadership, civic engagement, and philanthropy on both a corporate and personal level. And in the end, it’s…more

2017 Local Heroes

There Are Givers ... and There Are Heroes There is no shortage of inquiry—by sociologists, medical researchers, or non-profit developmental advisers—into the reasons why people give away their money, donate their time or contribute their talents to innumerable causes and…more

2017 Corporate Champions

Corporate Giants of the Kansas City Area If you want to know what really makes business in the greater Kansas City area something special, take a look at Ingram’s 2017 Corporate Champions and those organizations that precede them. Tell us…more

Policy Aside, It Helps to Understand Why We Give

There has been a wide range of predictions as to the effect the tax bill currently winding its way through the legislative process will have on charitable giving. Some predict dramatic and dire impacts on charities, mainly as a result…more

Tax Reform and the Impact on Charitable Giving

Republicans in both the House of Representatives and the Senate have released their versions of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The two proposals have key differences and are still works in progress. The final form of the bill is…more

Outpatient Is The New In

A dive into current revenue models of the U.S. health-care system and its performance is an exercise in head-scratching. Think about this: The nation’s number of licensed beds, key generators of hospital revenue, fell 38.6 percent between 1975 and 2015,…more

Opioid Crisis: Why Small Business Should Take Note

Like abuse of alcohol or illicit drugs, the nation’s growing opioid epidemic is presenting workplace challenges. The current opioid epidemic has been called the worst drug crisis in American history, reaching every corner of society, including workplaces both large and…more

Corporate Wellness and ROI: 5 Misconceptions

The most valuable asset of any business is its work force … and productivity is the key. In a nutshell, the healthier employees are, the more and better work they can do, and the better their quality of life will…more

The Search for Health Insurance Certainty Goes On …

Despite political and ideological differences of opinion about the results of the 2016 elections, with the beginning of 2017 and new, Republican president and GOP-controlled Congress, many employers felt an air of optimism about the future of employer-sponsored health care,…more