Ingram's Magazine: August 2015

Best Of Business Kansas City 2015 Awards

From Golden Spoon to Silver Ladle to Best of Business Kansas City, the name of the game may have changed over the years, but the underlying concept never has: The most discriminating audience in the Kansas City region weighs in…more

Best of Business Kansas City 2015 • All That Glitters…

...can indeed be Gold. But what does it take to be a repeat winner, year after year, in Ingram’s Best of Business Kansas City awards? For starters, excellence. Approximately 1,000 companies have been recognized with a Best of Business Kansas…more

Best Of Business Kansas City 2015 • Winners List

BEST BARBECUE1.    Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que2.    Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue3.    Q39 BEST BURGER1.    BRGR Kitchen + Bar2.    Five Guys Burgers and Fries3.    Blanc Burgers + Bottles BEST BUSINESS BREAKFAST1.    First Watch2.    The Classic Cup (tie) 2.    Eggtc. (tie)3.    Harvey’s at Union Station…more

The Logical Logistical Choice

Explosive growth in the region’s transportation, distribution and warehousing is just a start, executives say. Let’s start with a history lesson: For someone living in Kansas City today, what’s the historical significance of the week of July 3-10, 1890? Take…more

Convergence and Conflict

Health and wealth can be at odds in retirement planning, but advisers say investors have options to align those factors. For years, wealth managers have been advising younger clients to build a retirement plan that didn’t make Social Security a…more

Gray Matter

An aging nation is about to witness huge growth to meet the residential needs of never-before-seen numbers of seniors. The implications of immigration and the browning of America command the attention of polit-ical candidates and policymakers, but the biggest change…more

The Benefits Challenge

Health-care costs and compliance are putting the squeeze on employers’ flexibility with benefits programs. For those pursuing innovation as they toil in the fields of employer benefits programming, the ground remains as fertile as ever. Studies by various interest groups…more

To Serve and Protect … or is it To Harass and Neglect?

Problems at KCPD Start at the Top Budget constraints or not, I have serious concerns regarding the leadership at the Kansas City, Missouri, Police Department, and sadly, it begins at the top, with Chief Daryl Forte. By way of history,…more

You Built a Business, But Are You Really Organized?

It may seen counter-intuitive, but some entrepreneurs are the folks most in need of better asset-management. Fortunately, new tools and processes can help with that. Do you remember when you were a kid? Life was simple… all your worldly possessions…more

‘Where Have You Gone, Walt Bodine?’

More and more, conversations taking place in public forums are marked by a decidedly one-sided appeal. Walt would not approve. Where have you gone, dear old Walt Bodine Our region turns its lonely eyes to you ...What’s that you say…more

How Is Your Ability to Make the Sale?

There is no magic bullet in sales; rather, you need to excel in a lot of little things to find, present and close the deal. “Jeffrey, what’s the BEST way to make a sale?” When I’m asked this question—and I’m…more

Don’t Lose Your Focus on Retirement Plan Issues

While health-care compliance is getting a lot of attention, other benefit-plan risks lurk. The Affordable Care Act is well on its way to full implementation: The U.S. Supreme Court has spoken, and key aspects of the ACA survived a significant…more

Alternate Funding Can Ease Health Insurance Squeeze

Not every business can take advantage of these strategies, but for those that can, the savings may help rein in coverage costs. For many companies, cost-control measures of the past—such as increasing cost sharing or employee contributions—have been short-term fixes…more

It’s Time to Go to Code Red for Business IT Security

The threat has never been more real. After 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security issued a color scheme to illustrate the potential of a terrorist attack on U.S. soil. It seemed like a good idea, but we never quite managed…more

Investment Advice for Small Business Owners

A strategy for putting your business into the proper context as an investment. Returns from a business or investments cannot be realized without taking some risks.  Therefore, sound investment advice is rooted in the idea that it is wiser to…more