New Generation, New Era

The march to a bigger digital footprint continues, but this isn’t about changing platforms: It’s about bringing up a new generation of truly exceptional executive talent.

By Joe Sweeney

Like the State Farm guys, we here at Ingram’s know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two. It’s a bit scary, but a bit comforting at the same time, to realize that every business, no matter what its product or service, must continue to grow, and adapt—or it may die. We’ve reported for decades on the trends that push that change.

And we’re not immune to it ourselves.

Life has been like that for this business magazine for the full run of its 44 years, and it continues today as we aggressively expand to a more robust suite of digital content. We’ve made a strategic hire with the addition of Jennifer Bates to our staff and she’s staking out new ground for our expanded on-line strategies. That will run the gamut from videos that are both timely and analytical, it will include daily content updates as key developments—not turn-of-the-screw stories—may warrant. And it includes a more vigorous engagement with those who follow us thro-ugh various social-media platforms.

For an older guy who grew up with print and a sense that radio and TV were our only real competition, it’s a bracing change to realize that we’re not up against any particular mode of delivery: We’re up against every medium.

True to our mission, we’ll remain focused on content that has resonated so profoundly with so many members of the business elite in this community. And I use the word “elite” not the sense of snobbishness, but those executives who have created company cultures and workplaces that maximize the business attributes of this community, maximize values for their customers, and maximize returns for their investors. 

Quite plainly, we support that kind of growth. It’s good for everyone—employees and the community at large. 

We’ve earned their trust and their respect by diligently studying what it takes to identify best practices and crash through those barriers to even better ones, whether that’s with product innovation, service delivery, workplace structure, benefits or personnel management. We present competitions and recognition awards in a variety of performance categories to demonstrate to all business owners what is possible. No, more than what’s possible—what is necessary to continue long-term growth and survival.

Our vision is well-known to those who follow us: We’re aiming to be the authority in business news in a two-state region. There it is—it’s out there for all comers.

Over that long-term, though, executive leadership changes. We’ve seen a number of very high-profile executives announce their retirements this year, and we know more are coming, in greater numbers, and it’s coming soon. 

To reach the next cohort, then, with our focus on excellence and executive leadership, we are committed to expanding our use of the tools that drive the message to a different audience. A younger more technology-savvy reader.

Our vision is well-known to those who follow us: We’re aiming to be the authority in business news in a two-state region. There it is—it’s out there for all comers. But more than just a delivery vehicle for news of the day, we’ll be your guidepost for interpretation and analytics that we believe can be applied to your own business.

We’ll continue to do that in print, and in as robust fashion as possible with our monthly publication—the Mother Ship, I like to call it—and with specialty publications like THE POWER BOOK occasionally througout the year. We’ll be doing more of it on-line, in more applications. And we’ll be preaching the Gospel of Growth to all who would hear it. Or see it. Or listen to it. 

In the end, our goal is unwavering: to instill in a new generation of leaders the same desire to find out what’s in Ingram’s this month, or what’s new at today. We look forward to that challenge, and to bringing many more young executives into the fold. 

We take our role seriously at Ingram’s and we genuinely appreciate, and rely, on the support of our patrons.  

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