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By Joe Sweeney

Over the years, we’ve created a number of program themes, and we always try to refine these to develop not only purposeful and useful content, but also journalism that is timely and relevant. Often times, this is a challenge given the diverse interests of Ingram’s readers. There may be no time in the publication’s history, however, that the interdependent themes published in this edition of Ingram’s will be more timely, important and relevant.

The Leadership Edition is always among our most inspirational. Our team takes great pride in delivering this issue to our readers. This year’s Leadership Edition carries a bit more urgency and attention to the here and now, compared to previous years. The first indication something is different is the front cover. This is the first time in 22 years that we have not assembled our 40 Under Forty honorees for the traditional reception where they can become better-acquainted and collectively pose for  the front cover group portrait. If there’s a silver lining, we made this choice to keep our honorees and their families healthy in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

This edition of Ingram’s is of particular importance to me. Within these pages we’ve convened many of the sharpest minds and important leaders of our time to address arguably the hardest challenge that we as a community have faced in our entire lives. One of the articles, on Page 26, includes an interview with our good friend Dr. Gary Morsch who at this time is volunteering to help save lives on the front lines of the COVID-19 battle in Queens, NY. “That New York borough,” Morsch says, “is the epicenter of the New York outbreak, which is the epicenter of the U.S. outbreak, which is the epicenter of the global outbreak.” 

He sends via Ingram’s some stark warnings about what might be coming our way. The unseen killer has already claimed too many lives in Missouri and Kansas, but we’ve seen nothing like the human devastation that has befallen New York and some other hot spots around the nation.

Morsch’s words have already reached open ears. The region’s health-care leadership has pivoted to address a looming threat, and you’ll be able to read about the ways they’ve done that—and the work that remains to be done, with the public’s help, in the first Industry Outlook convened through interviews and emails.

Like the 40 Under Forty photo shoot, the traditional annual assemblage of health care and insurance thought leadership couldn’t come together in the middle of a pandemic rife with stay-at-home directives across the region. But the insights produced from those who participated should give guidance to anyone trying to hold a business together in this climate, trying to protect the health and even the employment of those in the work force, trying to figure out, as employers and even as patients, how to manage an unprecedented public-health crisis. 

This may be the most important point in our lifetimes for executives positioning their firms for a recovery by developing the strongest teams of employees they can.

In that time of crisis, we have chosen to go bigger and bolder, expanding a series of 10 weekly newsletters led by our daily Executive Insights product. Those are supplemented with weekly Ingram’s eNews products focusing on the core business sectors of Construction and Development, Healthcare and Insurance, Education and the Workforce, and Banking and Finance. With our Friday Week in Review and look at The Week Ahead, we hope to give the business community more tools, more real-time information, than we’ve ever been able to do as a reliable source printed on a monthly basis.

This may be the most important point in our lifetimes for executives positioning their firms for a recovery by developing the strongest teams of employees they can. In our own way, we hope to assist their efforts, and we hope that leading the charge will, like our 40 Under Forty, be a clarion call to action for all: Please don’t stop fighting. Ever!

A couple of final thoughts regarding leadership. This edition salutes Peter Mallouk of Creative Planning, our 40 Under Forty Alumnus of the Year. He’s also one of our commentators in this unique edition, which draws exclusively on the thought leadership of 40 Under Forty alumni for those topical columns.

These pages also feature—in two contexts—David Wild, a physician at the University of Kansas Health System. He made this year’s 40 Under Forty just as the COVID-19 crisis was hitting Kansas City. True to form, his leadership skills thrust him into a high-profile role at KU Health taking on the biggest burden of treating those patients. We’re pleased to include David and his input and quotes from others as essential information to business and government leaders throughout our region and each community with our Healthcare Industry Outlook Report.

I close with a heartfelt thanks to all of our loyal readers over the years, and the advertisers who have supported us and made our programming possible. At times like these, it’s important to pause and recognize those who have meant so much to you, but who don’t hear about it enough in the rush from day to day, from edition to edition and program to program.

We could not publish and deliver Ingram’s were in not for your support.  Our advertisers and subscribers are our lifeline, and we’ll never forget that. Ingram’s isn’t us. It’s you.   

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