Survey: U.S. Workers Believe They’re Underpaid

The ADP Research Institute has released results of a global survey of workplaces, and nearly half of American workers who responded believe they are underpaid. Three-fourths of them, however, are optimistic that they will receive raises this year.

The institute, which generates workplace-related data that can produce reliable economic indicators, also surveyed workers on remote-work trends, job satisfaction and other key factors in their employment. Among its findings:

Credit: ADP Research Institute (People at Work 2023: A Global Workforce View)

Compensation: There’s a strong sense that pay is not what it should be, according to U.S. workers surveyed. By contrast, 10 percent of workers in the U.S. think they’re overpaid, and nearly one in three—32 percent—believe their compensation is the right amount.

Raises: The outlook may be brightening on pay raises, where 75 percent of American workers expect to see a pay raise in the year ahead—on average, by about 7 percent. Among those who don’t expect higher salaries, roughly a third of North American workers—those in U.S. and Canada—said they would be happy with a one-time bonus instead (37 percent), additional paid time off (35 percent) or grocery/shopping vouchers (32 percent).

Flexibility: About four in 10 workers are required to come into the workplace every day, but a one-third of those in the U.S. have complete flexibility to choose where they work, and 37 percent of workers in the U.S. think it would be possible to relocate overseas while continuing to work for their current company. About 27 percent have some flexibility with their workplaces, and only 3 percent are now working entirely from home.

You can read the full report here.