Stormont Vail in Kansas reports drop in number of Covid-positive patients

A Wednesday COVID-19 scorecard posted by the hospital shows that although its number of hospitalized patients with the virus has reached a new high, that number remains unchanged from Tuesday, the scorecard also showing a promising decline in the percent of patients testing positive.

Daily COVID-19 scorecard postings by Topeka-based Stormont Vail Health show promising data on COVID-19 rates, Wednesday’s scorecard displaying a continued drop in the percent of patients testing positive for the virus.

The scorecard shows that at Stormont Vail’s facilities, the percent of patients testing positive has dropped to 9.5 percent from last Thursday’s 12 percent.

While this number made a slight increase over the Labor Day weekend, the percent has dropped for three consecutive days.

Although the number of hospitalized patients that have tested positive hit a new high this week on Tuesday, the number remains unchanged on Wednesday.

As of Wednesday, the total number of patients hospitalized for COVID-19 since March 15 now sits at 253. The number of people currently being hospitalized for the virus at Stormont Vail is 25.

Of the 253 hospitalized, 27 deaths were recorded, a number that, although grim, is met with the promising statistic of 201 total patients that have recovered and been released.