State-employed Missourians to return to work by mid-May

Now over a year into remote work, Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has released a workforce directive requesting all state employees return to in-person work by May 17. The directive requires all state buildings to be open with normal operating hours to the public by that date.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson has directed all state employees to return to in-person work in the office by May 17, after many spent most of the past 14 months working remotely.

Parson’s order, announced Wednesday, also requires that all state buildings be open and accessible to the public during normal business hours.

“With COVID-19 vaccines now readily available across the state and virus activity at its lowest levels since early days of the pandemic, we are confident that it is safe to return to pre-COVID-19 work settings and schedules,” Parson said in a Wednesday news release.

The governor’s office said COVID-19 screening and testing protocols will remain in place and the state is encouraging all employees to consider vaccinations.

“As public servants in state government, it is important that we maintain a front-facing presence for those we serve, and it’s time we take this step towards normalcy for ourselves and the people of Missouri,” Governor Parson said.