State-employed Kansans to make office return in June

A reported high volume of vaccinations has led to a decision from Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly announcing state offices will return to regular in-person operations by June 13. Reopening guidance states agencies can continue to allow remote work with approval, and as long as there is no disruption to workflow.

State of Kansas offices will return to normal operations beginning June 13.

Gov. Laura Kelly made the announcement on Wednesday.

The decision to return to normal was made due to the volume of vaccinations, availability of COVID-19 testing and a decrease in positive virus cases in the state.

State officials issued new guidance for return to work after speaking with the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

All State of Kansas employees and visitors to state facilities must still wear face coverings.

State agencies should make sure six feet of social distancing can be maintained between employees and should reinforce proper hand sanitization practices.

The agencies can continue to allow employees to work remotely when social distancing cannot be maintained or as long as the agency head approves the situation and there is no disruption to operations.