Round two of Missouri Emergency Broadband Investment Program to begin

Hundreds of households across Missouri can expect to receive expanded internet capabilities through the work of 11 new state-funded broadband projects, designed to reimburse providers that have expanded or plan to connect high-speed internet to residents in underserved areas.

Today, Governor Mike Parson announced 11 broadband projects will receive $846,407 through round two of the state’s Emergency Broadband Investment Program. 465 Missouri households will be connected to broadband as a result of these projects, and nine of the projects will provide households the ability to access gigabyte service. 

“Broadband is critical to the evolving needs of our workforce,” Governor Parson said. “With so many Missourians now depending on the internet for health care, education, and work, this initiative is more important than ever.”

In July, six programs were created to rapidly expand broadband across the state through libraries, telehealth, education, and more. The Emergency Broadband Investment Program previously awarded just over $3 million to sixteen projects in round one.

“Broadband internet infrastructure is a requirement for economic growth,” Department of Economic Development Director Rob Dixon said. “The pandemic has set a whole new way of working and living into motion, and our economy’s recovery depends on our ability to connect online.”