Roads Reopen as Flooding Recedes

After a month of near-record rainfall, the St. Joseph area enjoyed a comparatively dry spell over the weekend, allowing a number of key highways and roads in Northwest Missouri to reopen, the Missouri Department of Transportation says.

 As of Monday morning, Route 10 in Carroll County was the only state highway in the region that remained closed because of high water.

 Here is a MoDOT roster of roads that have re-opened, listed by county:

Buchanan County— Route C, from U.S. Route 36 to Saxton Road along Third Fork Creek, Route DD, from County Road 115 to Horn Road along Malden Creek, and two along the Platte River, Route H from the city limits of Agency to Johnson Road and Route MM from Loutermilch Road to Old Frame Road.

DeKalb County—Route P from Route UU and Thornton Road, along Third Fork Creek, and Route W from Hedge Road and Hebron Road to Lost Creek..

Caldwell County— Route A from Applewood Drive to Wishbone Drive along Shoal Creek.

Daviess County: Route E from Santa Rosa to 110th Street along Grindstone Creek.

Livingston County—Route C from County Road 418 to Route DD along Shoal Creek.