Report: KC Among Top Metro Areas for Clean-Energy Jobs

According to a new report, the Kansas City metro area is helping drive clean-energy job growth. Environmental Entrepreneurs ranked KC No. 33 on a list of the top 50 metro areas for clean-energy jobs. Whether it’s manufacturing Energy Star appliances and clean vehicles, or installing solar panels, these are the jobs that help to lower the city’s environmental footprint. Specifically, the report said clean energy job categories include solar, wind, energy efficiency, clean vehicles, battery storage, advanced biofuels and low-impact hydro. 

“U.S. cities and states are leading America’s efforts to fight climate change and reduce energy costs for businesses and consumers with local policies that encourage renewable energy, energy efficiency and better, cleaner transportation,” the report said. “In doing so, cities are also creating jobs and driving local economic growth.”

Kanas City is home to 18,437 clean energy jobs, and St. Louis also falls on the list a little higher at number 23 with 26,237 jobs. Here’s how the clean energy jobs break down in both Kansas and Missouri as states: