Readers’ Letters

Baseball Memories
What a great editorial from Joe Sweeney [“I Remember It Like It Was Yesterday,” Ingram’s, October 2014]. I read it aloud to a great Cardinal fan, along with my aunt, Sr. Olivia Marie, Order of St. Francis, Our Lady of Perpetual Help out of St. Louis. What great memories you have shared. Thank you.
 Keep up your quality publication.
I look forward to it.

Annette Thurston, Executive Director
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Joplin, Mo.

Plenty to Read
I just finished reading, cover to cover, the October issue of Ingram’s. I enjoyed many things about it. Joe Sweeney’s remembrance of the 1985 World Series was fun. Just wanted to let you know. I was, of course, interested in the Top Doctors report. Keep up the great work.

Charles Luetje, MD
Saint Luke’s Midwest Ear Clinic
Kansas City, Mo.

Spot-On, Jack
Thank you, Jack Cashill, for the excellent article on Charles and David Koch [“The Truly Daffy Demonization of the Brothers Koch,” Ingram’s, October 2014].
I work for a Koch company and the picture that the “mainline press” paints of these two isn’t even close to reality. It was nice to see some objectivity on the subject for a change.

Nat Byrom, Flint Hills Resources
Port Arthur, Texas

… and Again
I just read Jack Cashill’s article, “The Truly Daffy Demonization of the Brothers Koch.” Awesome piece! Thanks for your objective commentary and your use of verifiable facts. Wish more writers followed your example.I have worked for Koch for 29 years, and I am fiercely proud of them for sticking up for their beliefs. Beliefs which you accurately described as being constant from the beginning.

Gary LeRock, Operations Resource Manager, INVISTA
Colwich, Kan.

Well Done
Great job on the “Ag Roots Run Deep” piece [Ingram’s, October 2014]. Lots of work and great research.

Bob Petersen, President & CEO
American Royal
Kansas City, Mo.

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