Readers’ Letters

Thanks, Ingram’s

Thank you so much for hosting the 20 in Their Twenties reception. It was great to meet other young entrepreneurs in the 2013 class. And the Barbara Corcoran lecture was fantastic. Thanks again for all Ingram’s team does to promote business in Kansas City.

Devin Schuster, VP–Sales and Leasing Zimmer Companies
Kansas City, Mo

… Times Two

Thank you so much for the wonderful reception and evening Ingram’s planned for us. I am so honored to be in the 2013 class of 20 in Their Twenties. Thank you for your support and hospitality. You guys are awesome. Thanks again!

Tory Thaemert, Marketing Manager, Spin! Neapolitan Pizza
Kansas City, Mo.


An Important Issue

Thank you for the “Boardroom Barriers” article [Ingram’s, October 2013], covering this important gender diversity issue. I ran my own businesses for 20 years to ensure my leadership wouldn’t be repressed. I just joined Assurant in June and was pleasantly surprised to learn that six of the 12 leadership team members are women [and had been for decades]. And that the chair of our holding company’s board (AIZ) is a woman—Elaine Rosen.

Thus far, I’ve been given plenty of authority to lead, and I’m glad this was the company that I chose for corporate re-entry.

Brenda Clevenger, PR Consultant, Assurant Benefits,
Kansas City, Mo.


What About OP?

With all due respect to your editors and their choices for Cities of Distinction honors [Ingram’s, November 2013], I would like to suggest that you take another look at Overland Park, especially if you’re looking to repeat those awards in 2014.

Not to take anything away from our next-door neighbor Lenexa, which was a fine selection this year, but when you consider the quality of our employer base, the quality of our school systems, our parks, streets, tax structure, pro-business policies  and the overall quality of life, I’m sure that a fair-minded review of any city’s attributes would qualify Overland Park as a City of Distinction.

Gary Lawson, Overland Park, Kan.


What’s Missing Here?

A Cities of Distinction list without Lee’s Summit? Please.

Don Wallace
Lee’s Summit, Mo.

NOTE: Ingram’s Cities of Distinction competition requires submission for consideration.