Who’s Schooling Whom?

Jack Cashill’s recent piece on the broken K–12 system, “Don’t Tweak Failing Public Schools—Destroy Them,” [Ingram’s, September 2013] was refreshingly honest. A complete overhaul of public education is needed, not more versions of The Emperor’s New Clothes.

Some students get a good public education but thousands are left behind every year. Students of color and those from low-income families are especially underserved. The 2012 Kansas state assessment shows that only 47 percent of low-income kids can read grade-appropriate material with full comprehension. 

Unfortunately, that won’t change until students’ needs are valued over institutions and the adults in the system.
Dave Trabert, executive director
Kansas Policy Institute
Overland Park, Kan.

Credit Where It’s Due

I want to thank Ingram’s for the awards event Sept. 26 [see “Reasons to Celebrate,” Page 8] and for the award they presented us for being one of the Fastest-Growing Companies in Kansas City for 2013. This was our first time on the Corporate Report 100 list [Ingram’s, July 2013] and perhaps the first time we participated in the survey, but were certainly pleased with the result and with your event.

Both Joe Suhor and I appreciate the time and expense you have gone through to spotlight these companies, and your continued efforts to bring news to and about Kansas City’s commerce and industry to all.

Dennis Welzenbach, COO/CFO
Suhor Industries
Overland Park, Kan.


Thank you for your subscription offer to Ingram’s. I always look forward to the monthly delivery of your magazine and reading the same from cover-to-cover.  

Timothy Lutz, shareholder,Wallace Saunders, Austin Brown & Enochs, O.P., Kan.

Hired Pros Could Learn a Bit

The two issues of Ingram’s I received last month were terrrific. Good to see auto salesmen earn some glory in an otherwise tainted reputation industry. Their sales performance was incredible. I was particularly impressed with Destination Kansas City. Ingram’s does an exceptional job in bringing positive awareness about and attracting investment to the bi-state. Wish those we pay to do this could perform as well.

Steve Johnson, Kansas City, Mo.