Q&A With … Mike Boehm, City of Lenexa

By Ian Ritter

Mike Boehm is the major of the City of Lenexa, which has seen major construction growth over the the last few years.

Q. Have you seen any delay in the construction of City Center as a result of COVID-19?

A. Approved projects continue to be constructed. Proposed projects continue to work through the review process and final design phases.

Q. The commercial real estate industry has been on a tear there. Are you worried about it subsiding?

A. You are correct, construction as Lenexa City Center has been plentiful the last couple of years.  We are excited about pending projects and do not feel that City Center will be impacted differently than real estate in general across the region.

Q. Is construction considered a necessity business in Lenexa? Why or why not?

A. The Governor’s Stay at Home order classified construction as an essential business across the state. As a result, construction has continued throughout the city.

Q. How is the city handling social distancing for businesses?

A. The city has encouraged resident and businesses to follow the state and county directives regarding stay at home, social distancing, hand washing, mask-wearing, etc. As we have not passed any “Lenexa-Specific” regulations, our approach has been to share information and provide education about the pandemic.

Q. Do you think people there will be ready to re-enter restaurants and other types of businesses?

A. As the state and Johnson County reopen, I believe each business and employee, and our residents will have the information necessary to make an informed decision – that is my hope anyway.  As such, I believe we will see a gradual ramp up over time.