Presidential Visit Will Shut Down Parts of Downtown


This morning, the Kansas City city manager tweeted out that parts of downtown will be closed from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m and asked for people to avoid Downtown Kansas City during that time.  The city manager also said that people should expect delays on I-29 and I-35 from KCI to Downtown KC during that time frame.

President Trump’s scheduled visit to the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention on Tuesday, July 24th, will cause some issues for those who live and work downtown.

The city of Kansas City released a statement today that was intentionally vague because of restrictions from the CIA. In it, the city warned people who work near the Convention Center area to bring a lunch with them because the city will be partly closed to both pedestrian and car traffic during Trump’s visit. 

“After the morning rush hour, police will cordon off the area surrounding the downtown Convention Center District. Everything should be reopened by the evening rush hour. Pedestrian and vehicle traffic will not be allowed in or around these areas. Parking garages and lots in these areas will not be available.”

Trump is also in town to speak on behalf of Republican Congressional candidate, and current Missouri Attorney General, Josh Hawley, at one of Hawley’s fundraising events.