Payless headquarters in Topeka relocates to Miami, Fla.

A relaunch of the shoe brand has resulted in a long-distance move for its Topeka, Kan. headquarters to the Edgewater neighborhood in Miami, where the company plans to open its first prototype store in November.

A relaunch of Payless includes the drop of ShoeSource from its name – as well as a move from its Topeka, Kan. headquarters to Miami, Fla.

Payless’ new home in Florida will also be where the company intendeds to open a new store concept in November, according to CEO Jared Margolis.

The physical move is one of several parts of the brand’s relaunch, Payless aiming to put more emphasis on its e-commerce platform.

Margolis said he anticipates between 30% and 40% of all sales will come from online orders but that the company also plans to move forward with the construction of new locations as well.

The new store concept to open before the end of 2020 will be the first prototype store to open in Miami.

The prototype will feature a floor plan that will promote social distancing, Margolis said, and will take advantage of new self-service features to cut back on the amount of staff needed to run each store.

“Everyone I talk to remembers shopping at Payless when they were a kid, but Payless never did a great job of educating consumers about its products,” Margolis said. “I come from a marketing background, [and I] plan to do a much better job of building the brand and storytelling for an immersive experience for our community.”

By 2021, Margolis said he hopes to have around 30-45 new Payless stores open in the southern U.S. and 300-500 new stores over the next five years.