Oak IQ Investments Awaits Approval For 500-Unit Apartment Project in Lenexa

Kansas City-based Oak IQ Investments is awaiting consideration from the Lenexa City Council for a 500-unit apartment project. Photo courtesy of City of Lenexa.

Posted March 11, 2024

Kansas City-based Oak IQ Investments hopes to build a more than 500-unit apartment project in Lenexa between Woodsonia Drive and Highway K-7.

Oak’s proposed multifamily development consists of 529 apartment units across 15 buildings located at the northwest corner of 89th Street and Woodsonia Drive, just south of the Westside Family Church. The development site is 27.07 acres of undeveloped land previously annexed in 1986. The site is in between Woodsonia Drive to the east and Highway K-7 to the west. Oak is dubbing the development site Copper Creek.

Three zoning districts make up the development site which will progressively increase in density from east to west.

The lowest density section features five 12-unit two-story buildings made to mimic large single-family homes. The next section contains six two- and three-story buildings which will hold around 16 units. Finally, the highest density section contains four three- and four-story buildings to hold around 36 units.

The section with the lowest density will sit alongside Woodsonia Drive and the highest is parallel to Highway K-7.

To the northeast, near 83rd Street between Woodsonia Drive and Monticello Road, developer Sunflower Development Group is planning to build 240 apartments and 62 townhomes. Sunflower is in the process of revising its development plan, changing the townhomes into duplexes.

Oak is partnering with Prairie Village-based NSPJ Architects and Olathe-based Phelps Engineering Inc. for the Copper Creek project.

Oak’s Copper Creek project is tentatively scheduled for consideration by the City Council on March 19.