New report reveals top industries with remote work

Remote work has emerged as a permanent change for many companies across the globe. A recent report highlights the top career fields and companies to watch where virtual work will continue to reign in 2021.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is more necessary and desirable than ever. With that in mind, FlexJobs has announced the top 100 companies to watch for remote work in the coming year.

“Remote” means the openings must offer some level of remote work, including “remote – during pandemic,” “100% remote work,” “partial remote work,” or “option for remote work.”

The top career fields for remote work were:

Computer & IT
Medical & Health
Project Management
Accounting & Finance
Customer Service

According to FlexJobs, Lionbridge earned the number one spot on the 2021 Top 100 list, with companies such as Williams-Sonoma and Sutherland among the top 10 companies with the highest number of remote jobs posted in 2020.

Kelly Services/Kelly Connect came in at #5 on the list and has made the list every year since 2014.