New Evergy initiative utilizes Kansas wind farm

By Madison Parry

A Kansas wind farm has begun providing energy to customers through the Renewables Direct program at Evergy. The initiative benefits both Kansas and Evergy by attracting economic investment and upholding the region as a strong source of clean energy production.

Already a national and regional leader of wind energy production, the state of Kansas recently celebrated increased expansion of its wind power services.

Through the assistance of the Renewables Direct program at Evergy, Soldier Creek Wind Energy Center, a north-central Kansas wind farm, has already begun delivering clean energy to dozens of Evergy’s regional commercial customers.

Soldier Creek along with Ponderosa Wind Energy Center in Oklahoma were included in a news release from Evergy on Monday which announced that by the end of November, the two wind energy producers will be providing energy for more than 50 businesses and organizations served by Evergy.

The program centers on making affordable, dedicated wind energy available and provides long-term price stability and competitive pricing for local renewable energy to qualifying businesses, agencies and commercial customers, according to the release.

“Renewable energy is good for the environment and the Kansas economy – particularly as we work to overcome COVID-19-related economic challenges,” Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly said in the release. “Today’s announcement from Evergy is further showing Kansas’ position as a regional and national leader in the development and expansion of wind power.”

New customers are anticipated to enroll in the program, Evergy planning to expand its renewable energy sources to continue to meet sustainability goals.

“Kansas is a leader in wind energy,” Evergy President and CEO Terry Bassham said. “The expansion of wind energy in our area brings economic investment and jobs to communities near wind farms and affordable, clean energy to our customers.”