Netrality Opens Data Center in Shawnee, Leaves Room for Future Expansion

Netrality Data Centers has debuted its new data center in Shawnee, Kansas. Photo credit: Shutterstock (Gorodenkoff).

Posted May 28, 2024

Netrality Data Centers opened its 175,000-square-foot data center in Shawnee.

The KC2-7801 facility spans three acres and can support five megawatts of critical capacity, with future expansion up to 12 megawatts.

Netrality operates another facility in Kansas City. The two centers’ proximity will give greater internet access across the Kansas City area.

The 10-mile distance between Neutrality 1102 Grand facility in Kansas City, Mo., and the KC2 Nieman facility will allow for one millisecond round trip latency.

“The presence of a cutting-edge facility like KC2-7801 Nieman makes the Kansas City Metro region more attractive to tech giants, startups, and everything in between, promising a vibrant future for the local economy,” Gerald M. Marshall, president and CEO at Netrality said in a release. “By attracting businesses that require robust, reliable, and scalable IT infrastructure, we’re fostering a climate ripe for technological innovation and a foundation for businesses to compete in today’s digital economy.”

The U.S. Department of Commerce recognized the Kansas-Missouri region as one of 31 inaugural tech hubs in 2023. Netrality hopes to capitalize on this, noting that KC2 is strategically positioned to catalyze this growth, supporting key sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, finance, technology, and government, according to the release.