Missouri puts pause on orders for at-home COVID testing kits

January 2022

By Madison Parry

Following a burst of high demand for COVID-19 testing, the Missouri Department of Health has issued a temporary halt on orders of at-home tests. With limited supplies nationwide, the call was made to prevent backup within the ordering system.

The pause will be brief, the department announcing it would only be in place for one day and orders will be able to resume Thursday, Jan. 6.

“In order to improve the ordering system and allow our contractor to continue shipping kits in a timely manner, DHSS will be making a limited supply available each day through January,” the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services wrote in a Wednesday news release.

Limited shelf life of COVID-19 testing kits and their high demand is one problem the department has taken into consideration, encouraging the public to not stockpile kits.

“If the COVID-19 positivity rate in Missouri increases significantly, the State may work with the vendor to increase the daily ordering allotment,” the news release continued. “With the high case rates and limited testing supplies available nationwide, now is the time to utilize these tests especially for those who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19 or have had exposure to a COVID-19 positive case.”