Missouri lawmakers pass gasoline tax increase under statewide transportation investment bill

For the first time in decades, a vote from Missouri lawmakers has passed a bill to raise the state gasoline tax. Senate Bill 262, or the Missouri transportation investment bill, will bump up the current 17-cent gas tax by 2.5 cents a year until it reaches 29.5 cents per gallon in 2025. The bill now goes before Gov. Mike Parson.

Republican lawmakers in Missouri have passed a bill to raise the gas tax for the first time since the 1990’s. Now, it’s headed to Governor Mike Parson’s desk.

The GOP-led House voted Tuesday 104-52 to raise Missouri’s 17-cent gas tax by 2.5 cents a year until it hits 29.5 cents per gallon in 2025.

The Missouri Transportation investment bill, or Senate Bill 262, would pay for road and bridge maintenance by providing around $500 million in increased investments for the Missouri Department of Transportation.

If the gas tax increases, drivers could get a refund if they save their gas receipts.

Governor Parson has 15 days to sign the bill, making it a part of Missouri Law. If he vetoes the bill it will be returned to the General Assembly where a two-thirds vote of both houses is required to override the veto.

However, if Parson takes no action within the 15 days, the bill goes to the Secretary of State, who then enrolls the bill as an authentic act, then becoming law.

Missouri’s legislative session ends Friday, meaning any other bills have to be passed by 6 p.m in order to become Missouri Law.