Missouri Exports Up 6 Percent Over Last Year

Courtesy wisertrade.org

Missouri’s exports through the second quarter of 2016 totaled $7.19 billion, according to the latest figures from WISER Export Trade data, an increase of 6 percent from the second quarter in 2015.

The Transportation Equipment Sector topped exports at just over $2.5 billion with just under a 90 percent increase from the same quarter in 2015. Aerospace Products and Parts led the sector with almost $1.19 billion in exports, an increase of 295 percent from the same quarter in 2015. Motor Vehicle exports increased 57 percent over the year. The second largest sector was Chemicals with exports of $1.1 billion, but a 20 percent decrease compared to the same quarter in 2015.

The largest foreign market for Missouri’s exports continues to be Canada, which purchased almost $3.1 billion in goods during the second quarter of 2016. Mexico ($1.2 billion) was next, followed by China ($360 million), Japan ($246 million), Belgium ($221 million) and Germany ($198 million).

Missouri’s top two exporting sectors in the second quarter of 2016 continue to be Transportation Equipment ($2.5 billion) and Chemicals ($1.1 billion). These two far exceed the next industries down the list, which are Machinery ($660 million) and Food and Kindred Products ($634 million). Electrical Equipment, Appliances and Components had almost $341 million in exports,  while Computer and Electronic Products exported over $332 million. Fabricated Metals, Agricultural Products, Plastics and Rubber Products and Primary Metal Manufacturing represent the seventh through 10th place each, with over $140 million in export sales.