Hoefer Wysocki rebranding

By Madison Parry

Leawood-based architecture firm Hoefer Wysocki announced this week it will now go by a new name, Hoefer Welker, in recognition of the work and leadership from President Bob Welker. Joining the team in 2008, Welker became partner and shareholder in 2012 and president in 2015.

This week delivered confirmation of a big change at Hoefer Wysocki, which has now changed its name to Hoefer Welker in recognition of the company’s current President, Bob Welker.

Welker joined the Leawood-based architecture firm in 2008 as vice president of business development. In 2012, Welker became partner and shareholder and in 2015 took on the role of president.

The rebrand follows several years after David Wysocki’s retirement, who co-founded the firm in 1996 with Mitch Hoefer.

“Rob has done a tremendous job as president and partner, bringing knowledge to our projects across the country,” Founding Partner and CEO Mitch Hoefer said. “He’s become the face of the firm, serving as a trusted advisor and leader in every sense of the word.”

Hoefer Welker has around 160 employees across Kansas City and Dallas.

“This year marks a huge milestone for the firm, and it’s a testament to Hoefer Welker’s commitment to partnership, collaboration and its vision for the future,” Welker said. “Our name may be changing, but we’re still committed to delivering the same quality and sophistication our clients have grown to expect from us.”