Liberty Hospital Officially Joins The University of Kansas Health System

The University of Kansas Health System announced Liberty Hospital has joined its healthcare system. Photo courtesy of Liberty Hospital.

Posted July 1, 2024

Liberty Hospital has now officially joined the University of Kansas Health System and will soon begin an integration process for staff.

News of both hospitals officially finalizing a partnership agreement was made during a livestream update on Monday. Liberty remains its own entity and will transfer its operations to KU Health.

President and CEO of The University of Kansas Health System, Bob Page; president of the Kansas City division, Tammy Peterman and CEO of Liberty Market, Dr. Raghu Adiga attended the live stream to give remarks on the announcement.

Peterman detailed the next steps for a seamless integration process for Liberty into the KU Health System. Over the next few months, teams from Liberty and KU Health will conduct a “discovery process” to learn daily operations of Liberty and how to best incorporate it into the greater healthcare system.

“This includes everything from inpatient and ambulatory care to supply chain and branding,” Peterman said.

In May, KU Health and Liberty announced both healthcare providers signed definitive agreements for the partnership.