Keepers of the Flame

In the annals of Kansas City entrepreneurship and commerce, their family names are legendary: Bloch and Dunn. Each is immediately recognized here for decades of business success and commitment to civic progress.

And for something more lasting than year-over-year growth and profit. Over the past century, these titans of business have created lasting memorials to their families’ legacies by establishing philanthropic structures to carry forward the gifts they have worked so hard to bestow on this region.

Their use of corporate as well as family foundations has amplified their ability to direct capital to its most efficient charitable uses; the corporate citizenship models they established continue to bless this region; the talent they have recruited, inculcated into their cultures and seeded throughout the area, on non-profit boards and in volunteer roles, has produced immeasurable benefits. 

With the torch passed to the next generations of business leadership at H&R Block and JE Dunn Construction, Ingram’s is proud to be able to recognize these giants of philanthropy for their contributions to the quality of life here: Henry Bloch  and Bill Dunn, Sr. 

They are our first Philanthropists of the Year.

We rarely presume to speak for all of Kansas City, but we’re confident we can here, fas we salute these caring souls and say to them: Thank You.