KCVA reports no inpatient cases for first time in seven months

This week is the first time the Kansas City VA Medical Center is reporting it has no COVID-19 patients. The report is a milestone for the center, which said it had been treating up to 25 patients with the virus each day during the height of COVID-19.

For the first time in several months –  since June 2020 – the Kansas City VA Medical Center has no COVID-19 patients.

Dr. Ahmad Batrash, KCVA chief of staff, said in a news release that this is a “major milestone.”

“The entire KCVA team is dedicated to stopping the spread of COVID-19, vaccinating as many veterans as possible against the deadly disease and working hard to #reclaimthesummer,” Batrash said. “This milestone is a huge step forward toward these goals and a major boost to the morale of our staff and the entire veteran community.”

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the KCVA was treating between 15 and 25 patients “on any given day,” according to the release.

More than 1,900 veterans and KCVA staff have recovered from the virus since March.