KC Design Company Announces Unique Partnership

Overland Park-based Facility Systems Inc. has entered into a unique partnership with Des Moines-based firm, Charrette Venture Group.  It is not a fee-based vendor partnership, rather CVG will provide services so FSI can grow and they will take a percentage of the revenue.  Being a smaller firm, FSI says they reached out find a company that could fill the gaps for services their own staff members could not provide, thus allowing FSI to concentrate on their clients and letting CVG take care of the “back of house” business.  

This is a shared-risk model where if FSI does not take in any revenue then CVG will not be compensated for their services.  An agreement that FSI says is “very uncommon in the design industry.”  There is no ownership or equity stake exhanged; it’s revenue sharing only.

“FSI has demonstrated great resiliency in a changing marketplace.  As a family business with a thirty-three year history, the firm is anchored in a culture of client service.  The next generation of leadership is squarely focused on preserving foundational values and growing their client base,” said Todd Reding, CEO of CVG.  “This is exactly the balance of stability and initiative that CVG seeks in our partnerships.”

The services that CVG provides to businesses include marketing, finance, operations, organizational structure, leadership and talent recruitment services.  They specify in architectural design firms, something that FSI said they could not find in a Kansas City company.

“Our partnership with CVG is very exciting,” says FSI business manager Ryan Elder.  “We are proud to announce that it will allow FSI to grow on multiple fronts simultaneously.  CVG’s knowledge in all aspects of design firm management, complimented by our design expertise, will allow FSI to grow and flourish for another generation.”

“We’re the 2nd generation of ownership and very ambitious about growing the business.  We feel this model will help position us to grow and build upon a great foundation that we already have,” added Elder.”  Formed in 1985, FSI is a family-owned company specializing in space planning, commercial interior design, furniture specification, AutoCad documentation, facility design management support, architectural products and construction management consulting.